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Making sure that the rule of law is upheld and Taylor brought to justice for his heinous crimes, sadly not for Liberia, but Sierra Leone, James Verdier worked pro bono to helped indict the war criminal, currently incarcerated in England. His commitment to the welfare of the Liberian people has always been paramount and this character has been impeccable. Observers say as Liberia looks to buried it past and move away from leaders who are so easily consumed by power, as they quickly forsake the national interest for personal aggrandizement, Jerome Verdier are those kinds that Liberia needs, as is indicative in the TRC report which he released with his fellow commissioners. Tributes 

Jerome Verdier: Profile In Courage, Former Chair TRC

    Early in 2006, just after being inaugurated as Africa and Liberia’s first female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf move swiftly and settled on a very unfamiliar name to head the much heralded Truth and Reconciliation Commission, his name was Jerome Verdier. It wasn’t that Verdier wasn’t known within the country, but he had not that international name, stature and recognition—but the work he did for the Liberian people and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as head, in essence, would soon catapult him on the world stage and bring him…

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She denied accusations her son Robert Sirleaf was in any way implicated in the collapse of Liberia's National Oil Company, and said her other son, Charles Sirleaf who was arrested in March, was "illegally charged" over allegations he unlawfully printed local currency worth tens of millions of dollars. News 

“I don’t care,” Ellen Johnson Says About TRC

  In an Aljezeera UpFront, interview last week Liberia‘s former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spoke about her 12 years in power. she was challenged on accusations from her critics who have always accused her of nepotism and corruption. Sirleaf responds to allegations of nepotism Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came to power in Liberia in January 2006 following decades of war, violence and coups, and became the first elected woman head of the state in Africa. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 alongside fellow Liberian Leymah Gbowee and Yemeni…

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Unfortunately, however, the Johnson-Sirleaf led Administration was reluctant in its implementation of the TRC recommendation, an action backed by some members of the Liberian Legislature. This sent a knife deep in the wounds of the thousands of victims of the Liberian Civil war- some of whom may never fully recover from the effects of conflict Op-ed 

Redeeming the Liberian Nation

Monrovia- Since the end of the Liberian Civil war, successive governments have ignored attempts to bring to closure the experiences of the conflict.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in its final report made several recommendations including the banning of some actors from operating in the political landscape of post-war Liberia. This was, perhaps, to clean up the space and give an opportunity to reflect as a people, thereby setting a precedent for the future. Unfortunately, however, the Johnson-Sirleaf led Administration was reluctant in its implementation of the TRC recommendation, an…

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“Consolidate, Strategize and Win”

By John S. Morlu, CPA Keynote Speaker: CDC USA September 26, 2015 Minneapolis, MN Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpah, National Chairman, CDC USA The National Leadership of CDC USA Mr. Mulbah K. Morlu, Vice Chairman, CDC Mr. Raymond Ogunti, Chairman CDC Minnesota Members of the Mighty CDC USA and Liberia Members of Representatives of various organizations Fellow Liberians and all well-wishers of the CDC present here. Mr. Chairman, this is my first time in this great city of Minneapolis. I have passed through here couple of times on my way to…

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Butt Naked: Liberia War Time General Calls For War Crimes Court

A former fierce commando during the civil crisis and now revered minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelist Joshua Blayee, is calling for all warlords as well as those who provided support to warring factions to face a war crime court in Liberia. Aliased General “Butt Naked” from his tendency of going naked while in battle, particularly in the April 6, 1996 fracas, Evangelist Blayee has since turned away from his horrid past, running a faith-based organization that caters to the needs of ex-combatants and other needy people. However,…

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