And, though the narrative surrounding the assimilation of Liberia’s African American founders with the indigenous population is hardly one that always had a harmonious denouement, Vamba’s Land of My Fathers doesn’t focus on rehashing the inharmonious. Rather, it is a story about genuine friendship, mutual respect and love between an Americo Liberian, as the settlers became known, and an indigenous character that stood the test of time. It is truly a story about what was possible and what could be for his country, Liberia. Artists & Reviews 

Vamba Sherif’s Land of My Fathers: A Review

On February 4, 1857, Mary Mickey, a former slave from Charlottesville, Virginia, wrote a letter to her former master about her journey to Liberia and her impression of the new country she would now call home: “It affords me great pleasure to have this opportunity to address a letter to you. In the midst of danger & death, while we could discern nothing above, & around us but the blue canopy of heaven, & under us the deep, deep blue sea, we were Providentially cared for, and bless to reach…

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