“Farah details the sequence of events that led to the... alliance between al-Qaeda and Liberia's notorious former president Charles Taylor, and the summary rape and ruin of West Africa while Taylor orchestrated the inequitable trade of diamonds for uniforms, weapons and cars to perpetuate the nightmarish strife. However, this is not where the book ends "it's where a new unsettling story begins. After Farah's article ran in the Post, he and his family were forced to leave Africa for their own safety. On arriving home, Farah says, he was met by a bitter and embarrassed CIA determined to discredit him in order to cover the fact that they knew nothing about al-Qaeda's involvement in West Africa. Over time, the CIA's behavior led to the revelation of damning information about the United States's entire network of intelligence agencies, rife with infighting, disorganization and lack of central control. Farah's drum-tight presentation of evidence to substantiate his allegations will be difficult to dispute, and his stark and straightforward writing style makes this book hard to put down.”5. Op-ed 

Ian Fleming’s Diamonds are Forever: a story of diamond smuggling out of Taylor’s Liberia

By Dag Walker Ian Fleming, died 1964, is the author of the James Bond spy novels. Fleming’s first Bond novel, Casino Royale, was published in 1952. He eventually wrote eleven James Bond novels. So far, James Bond novels have sold over 100 million copies. On top of that, there have been 26 James Bond movies. Less well known is that Fleming wrote two non-fiction books, one of which, published in 1957, is about diamond smuggling in Liberia: The Diamond Smugglers. The book is based on two weeks of interviews Fleming…

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