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A Tearful Day on August 22, 1984 – Amid a Barbaric Stampeding of Peaceful UL Students’ Protest

A Patriot’s Diary with Ekena Wesley Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, Dr. Patrick L.N. Siryon (all deceased), George Klay Kieh, Jr. et al were arrested by the regime. Their arrest was politically motivated. The administration of Dr. Mary Antoinette Browne-Sherman condemned the unlawful and unacceptable arrest of the University of Liberia’s lecturers. 37 years ago on Wednesday, August 22, 1984, Master Sergeant, Samuel Kanyon Doe addressed the nation. His mood was intolerant! His voice trembled. Emotions had set in. A heartbeat away from the Executive Mansion, UL students were holding a…

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Liberia Reflections: How Doe Became a Dictator

When Master Sergeant Samuel Doe burst onto the political scene in 1980, he put an end to the standoff between President William R Tolbert and the young progressives who were seeking an end to the century-old political oligarchy. Samuel K Doe was a shy soldier, from the bottom of the army. He did not know much about politics and could hardly read his speeches. He brought into his first cabinet the progressists and put them in charge of key ministerial positions. But the honeymoon did not last. Very soon all…

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Folks, listen to Head of State Samuel Kanyon Doe’s definitions of Communism: “In Communist country the women cannot get marry and the men cannot get marry. Any man can take any woman and do anything he wants to do with her”. S. Kanyon Doe said vociferously. Do you want Communism? the Chiefs thundered “No”!. S. Kanyon Doe said in Communist country if you make your farm and harvest 50 bags of rice, the communist government will seize 49 bags and give you 1 bag. Finally, S. Kanyon Doe told the chiefs that “in a communism country nobody has a house. People can sleep in any house they see”. He asked do you want Communism? Finally, the chiefs replied “No”. Op-ed 

Samuel Doe used ‘communism,’ to lie on progressive leaders

    “NOBODY WILL MARRY…NOBODY WILL OWN A HOUSE”   The Editor, I referenced a book written by former Liberian Interim President Dr. Amos Sawyer. In the publication, professor Sawyer said Liberia had a dictatorship ( 1980-1986). But one fellow who goes by the name of Edward Farley said that President Samuel Kanyon Doe was not a dictator before until “certain people” tutored Samuel Kanyon Doe with communist concepts. Mr. Farley’s “certain people” is an apparent reference to Dr. Sawyer and his colleagues of the Movement for Justice in Africa…

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The two were discussing the Tanzanian delegation’s reaction to the vote after delegates danced in the chamber. “To watch that thing on television, as I did, to see those, those monkeys from those African countries – damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!” Reagan tells Nixon, who erupts in laughter. The recording was first published in the Atlantic magazine in an article written by Tim Naftali, who directed the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum from 2007 to 2011. Public Policy 

 Reagan called African leaders ‘monkeys’ in call to Richard Nixon 

  Ronald Reagan made racist remarks about African delegates to the United Nations, calling them “monkeys” and saying they were still “uncomfortable wearing shoes”, newly released audio recordings have revealed. Reagan, the actor turned politician who was a popular two-term president, made the comments in a phone call with the disgraced former president Richard Nixon as the two discussed a 1971 vote by the UN to recognize China, instead of the US ally Taiwan. At the time of the call, Nixon was still president and Reagan was governor of California, both the BBC…

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Judge Panel Awards 5million To Brutal Dictator Samuel Doe Wife Nancy

MONROVIA—A panel of judges have held liable the Central Bank of Liberia and ordered the bank to pay US$5,209,382.57 (five million two hundred nine thousand three hundred eighty two and fifty seven United States dollars to Mrs. Nancy Doe, wife of former Liberian President Samuel K. Doe. The judges also ordered the bank to add statutory interest of six percent plus additional accrued interest commencing from the time the debt became due up to the date of the judgment. The action against the defendant (CBL) was filed by the wife…

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