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“GOL Undermines Equity in GLASCO for BAO CHICO” -LPP, Says GOL Pocketed $5M Kickback

  For Immediate Release The Liberia People’s Party (LPP) has said it now has in its possession the reality of a deal of five hundred million United States (USD500, 000,000) dollars shrouded in secrecy and subterfuge, ratified by the Liberian Senate and awaiting obvious concurrence by the House of Representatives (notwithstanding the inconsequential showmanship of technicality being perpetrated by that Body) as reported in the media. In providing a foundation of its analysis on the transaction, the party quoted Samuel D. Tweah Jr, Minister of Finance and Development Planning inter…

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“The composition of the EMB (Electoral Members Board) should be representative of the society. . . Consideration should be given to appointing independent persons known within the society for their integrity. It is recommended that the chair of the commission should be a person who holds or has held high judicial office (a high court or supreme court judge). That is the practice in several countries. (Taken from the Southern African Development Community’s “Principles for Election Management, Monitoring, and Observation in the SADC Region”, as adopted by SADC in Johannesburg 2003.) Public Policy 

Where We Slipped: Choosing Electoral Board Members in Liberia

Jackie N. Sayegh “ Elections are central to competitive politics. They are central because, ideally, they should provide the opportunity for yesterday’s winners to become today’s losers, and for yesterday ‘ s losers to become today’s winners. The model of democracy on which this theory of elections is based is liberal democratic. The centrality of elections to liberal democratic politics also presupposes the importance, particularly of impartial electoral administration. This is because the indeterminacy of elections the possibility of erstwhile winners becoming losers and erstwhile losers becoming winners-which is an…

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Liberia: ‘Double Standard on Press Freedom’ – Press Union Slams President Sirleaf, Lifts Blackout

  By Press Union of Liberia The Press Union of Liberia has lifted the blackout it imposed on the Liberian Presidency on May 9, 2013. The PUL reached the decision on Tuesday following a meeting of its members at the union’s headquarters. “We come today to disappoint our President that it has never been our intention to have an open ended protest action. We reluctantly reached the decision to take the actions we took and will not continue for the length she wants us go,” stated the PUL in a…

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11 Questions: George Kieh, Politician

  Kieh was a presidential candidate in the 2005 presidential election; he is also a long-time Liberian political activist. He is currently professor of political science at the University of West Georgia, USA. Prior to that, he held several teaching and administrative positions in Liberia and the United States, including lecturer of political science, at the University of Liberia, Chair of the Political Science Department at Morehouse College, Atlanta Georgia, Dean of International Affairs at Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA, and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences…

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11 Questions: Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh, Publisher

  Sungbeh is editor for The Liberian Dialogue, an Atlanta-based web publication that is establishing itself influentially as one of post-war Liberia’s sober media entities. Sungbeh’s ‘no holds barred’ approach to journalism and commentaries on developmental issues has established The Liberian Dialogue as a significant voice on major issues in the country. Sungbeh is passionate about the issues and recently was kind to grant the Liberian Listener this interview. 1. The Liberian Dialogue has become one of post-war Liberia’s important voices. Recently you led the news on nepotism; you must…

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Nepotism was wrong yesterday and is wrong today

By: Cllr. Tiawon Saye Gongloe The two leading parties [during the last elections] were products of the True Whig Party, the party that institutionalized nepotism, cronyism and other forms of patronage in this country. The only way of doing politics that they know best is the True Whig Party way, which is represented the slogan of the True Whig Party, “So say one so say all”.  It was, therefore clear to me that a victory for any of the two parties would have led to another era of nepotism in Liberian…

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