Two Issues With Martin Scott: Decent work Bill and Sirleaf

  Mr. Editor, Issue #1 Liberian Legislature passes decent work bill Do your senators know what the hell they are doing?  These economically illiterate senators had nothing better to do, but to pass a Destructive Work Bill, oops, I mean Decent Work Bill, which establishes a minimum wage of US$6 per day and US$0.75 per hour for Liberian workers.  That’s a 500 percent increase for workers making US$1 per day!  Wow, the benevolence of government at work !  …(Re “Better Wages: Liberia’s Legislature Passes Decent Work Bill at Six Dollars…

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President Sirleaf: Hustlers Become Heroes through Poisonous Pens

By Hawa Wesseh Liberian president Ellen Johnson says public officials are assuming their responsibilities in the country at a time when the political environment is a difficult terrain in the country. The Liberian president made the remarks this week when she commissioned 27 government executives including former controversial city mayor Mary Broh who now heads the General Services Agency, a department of government that purchase and manage assets for the government. The president said “today, you are assuming public service and responsibility in a difficult political environment when those who…

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Sirleaf Pays Tribute to Mary Broh

      By: H.E. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Fellow Liberians: It is with a heavy heart, filled with gratitude, that I have accepted the resignation of the Acting Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Mary Broh. In her letter of resignation, Mary detailed the scope of her service to our country and the resources she was able to mobilize from international entities in support of her many achievements. We will all miss the dynamism, commitment and integrity of Mary Broh who worked tirelessly and passionately to transform the City…

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President Sirleaf “Enduring Legacy”: A Rejoinder

    By: Ralph Cherbo Geeplay Let’s pick some bones with Ms. Shirley N. Brownell, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Communications Director and her well written op-ed, “Journey to Partnership: An Enduring Legacy for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.” Shirley is fresh from a trip to Washington DC where she, Sirleaf and delegation called on high profile US officials recently, including outgoing Secretary of State and former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Brownell returned home enthused, concerned that her boss’s legacy is being discussed early and her name thrown around: “even with five…

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