I am asking all of my friends and other patriotic Liberians to join this cause. Weah and his Ministers have gotten emboldened and diabolical in their abuse of power. The firing of Ms. Bollie was retaliatory and grossly retributive; time to say NO to this bullshit political disaster! Op-ed 

Eye Servants: Piso Tarr you can fire civil servants just to please president!

    The Editor, The firing of Ms. Precious Bollie begs an ethical and Equal Employment Opportunity question. Are ordinary un-appointed career civil servants now employed at the will and pleasure of the President and his ministers? Is their employment not merit-based and subject to the rule of law? Can they be fired for any whimsical reason or for publicly criticizing the President or having an opinion on national issues? When does firing in the Liberian government become retaliatory? What happens when 300 ordinary civil servants go on Facebook and…

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