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Liberian Legislature: GREEDY PENSION BILL Deserves Presidential Veto

WHEN LAWMAKERS elected by the people of Liberia continue to use and abuse their powers through submission and passages of insensitive and outrageous legislations to better their own lives at the expense of those who elected them, the presidency must do what is right as the last hope for those languishing at the bottom of the economic ladder. THIS IS WHY we welcome reports emanating out of the Executive Mansion that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is contemplating vetoing the controversial pension bill which has been languishing on her desk for several…

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Alternative National Congress Wants Pension Bill Veto

MONROVIA—The Alternative National Congress of Liberia (ANC) has called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to veto a bill being considered by the Legislature to provide pension packages of 50% of the salaries and benefits to top elected officials. The ANC has also called on all well-meaning members of the Legislature to oppose and ensure the defeat of the retirement package bill reportedly being considered by law makers. The party has encouraged other political parties and civil society groups to join in the denunciation of the bill. According to an article…

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