Altogether there were more than 1000 professionals from 70 countries, 25 of which came from Africa. Among the 25 countries was Liberia represented by group of leading Liberian artists such as Takun J, DanG, Nigga Blow, Tantan and others. Though these Liberian artists are individual solo artists who are well known in Liberia, they came together as one group to perform at the event in Morocco. Music 

Liberian Artists Showcase Talents At Visa For Music Festival In Morocco

    By Nvasekie N. Konneh For the first time in recent years, a group of Liberian artists participated in a major music festival in Morocco. The festival was organized by the Visa for Music, a cultural organization based in Morocco. Since 2013, Visa for Music has been organizing the festival annually as the meeting point of music of Africa and the Middle East. 2019 was the 6th edition of the event. This year edition was held under the sign of femininity with diversity of artists representing countries in Africa…

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In an effort to formally call Government's attention to the unfortunate situation of students in the Kingdom of Morocco, 43 Students gathered at the Liberian Embassy this week in a quest to have their plights addressed by the Ambassador. We have made every effort to speak with the Ambassador ,but the Ambassador maintained that he will not speak to the general student body as he is not the one accountable for Students allowances. Op-ed 

Stranded Students In Morocco Need Liberian Gov’t Intervention

    The Editor   As Stranded Government sponsored Students in Morocco, we this week gathered at the Liberian embassy to protest for our monthly allowances; but the Liberian Embassy authorized Police Unit to brutally remove us. International Scholarship for Students studying in Morocco has become a hardship. Few week ago, we reported the situation of 85 Liberian Students in Morocco being stranded due to the Liberian Government’s refusal to pay our monthly allowances. Liberian students, have spent 10 months in the northern African Country without receiving a dime from…

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