the streets of monrovia Op-ed 

The Streets of Monrovia 

An Essay By Andrew Borbor Werlay Jaye Jr.   The streets of Monrovia with potholes and cacophonous speakers are mostly connected between old infrastructural ruins and plantation–style houses after many years of Post–War Liberia. Be it Ashmun Street that is in honor of Jeudi Ashmun, one of the colonial agents of the ACS, or either Mechlin Street that lies in the memory of Joseph Mechlin, there goes under the scorching sun during the dry season, or the mountainous rain during the rainy season: the roaming around of street vendors, the…

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I think the time has come for us, the PEOPLE OF LIBERIA, to join the rest of the “civilized” world to desecrate the symbols of Black subjugation. It will be unconscionable and abhorrent if we do not seize upon this awakening of America’s and Britain’s original sin – slavery and the continued institutionalization of racism — to remove the name of a slave master (James Monroe) from our capital city. This moment calls for a vigorous civil debate. I believe it is fitting and proper that WE THE PEOPLE OF LIBERIA change the name of our capital city. Op-ed 

The Name Monrovia (Capital Of Liberia) Should Be Changed: Monroe Was A Slaveholder

  OPEN LETTER TO THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF LIBERA   The Editor, Monrovia, the capital city of the Republic of Liberia, is named in honor of President James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States—and a slave owner. This honoring of a slave owner is a travesty to the autochthonous and should be an abomination to the children of the settlers (the Americo-Liberians). The 1810 census record shows that 49 enslaved individuals lived at Monroe’s Plantation in Highland, Virginia. This made Monroe one of the country’s largest…

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He said getting sponsorship for the event has been an uphill battle. “So far we have only two sponsors—Cake House and PlusLiberia. We hope others can come aboard.” Celebrities expected to grace the occasion include socialite blogger, Alpha Bah, Weego Zico, Karishma DeQueen, L’Frankie, etc. He added that it costs US$5 for entry. Society Arts & Leisure 

Monrovia: Lamotar to lit runway today, Saturday

    By Gboko Stewart   “We chose to promote them because they are exceptionally creative when it comes to fashion,” Cole said. “They are often ignored because people fail to understand they’re the reason we have new and trending fashion every day.” He said overall, Lamotar seeks to stop the exploitation of designers. “Their ideas are mostly used and promoted by people who seek all the glory, forgetting it was the designer’s idea that birthed a new fashion.” He added that the event will be held monthly and doing…

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Monrovia NEW VISION Newspaper Business Manager Dismissed for Corrupt Practices

PRESS RELEASE Monrovia—The Management of the NEW VISION Newspaper has instituted major and stringent changes and reforms at the institution to enhance accountability, productivity and efficiency and moreover credibility in line with its objectives to serve prudently the larger Liberian society. In a release issued in Monrovia, the Management of the NEW VISION Newspaper has reiterated that as a part of a segment of the society and a strong critic of corruption and other ills of society, it wouldn’t conduct any of its staff member(s) to engage in any unscrupulous…

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