Liberia Arm Forces Departs For Peace Keeping

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy The third rotation of the Armed Forces of Liberia’s (AFL) troop of peacekeepers has departed the country for Bamako, Mali. The soldiers comprised of 46 infantry guards left via the Roberts International Airport (RIA) yesterday with motivation from the Deputy Minister for Administration of the Ministry of National Defense to act like soldiers as they have always done. Deputy Minister, Joseph Johnson ordered the Liberian peacekeepers to “go and get the job done” using the trainings obtained from home as needed in those strange terrains and…

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Liberian Soldiers For Mali

      E D I T O R I A L The Liberian government through the Executive Mansion announced recently that the country is sending Armed forces of Liberia [AFL] troops to Mali to beef up the Economic Community of West African States [Ecowas] and the French led efforts to bring peace to that destitute West African state. The Liberian Senate reports say have approved the mission after an initial query and opposition. In a new era of African solidarity and renew efforts when Africa wants to be heard in the global community, the AU should bow its…

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