Our evening, Living the Legacy and Continuing the Work, will feature a conversation with the Daughters of the Movement about how their lives and personal passions and commitments to justice, politics, activism, and the arts were shaped by their parents, a performance by artist, entertainer and activist Ayana Gregory, the presentation of the Malcolm X Legacy award, and more. Op-ed 

Why Malcolm X Still Speaks Truth to Power

  Fifty years after his death, Malcolm X remains a towering figure whose passionate writings have enduring resonance   Malcolm X was music in motion. He was jazz in motion, and, of course, jazz is improvisation, swing and the blues. Malcolm had all three of those things. He could be lyrical and funny and, in the next moment, he’d shift and be serious and push you against the wall. The way he spoke had a swing to it, had a rhythm to it. It was a call and response with the…

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The life and struggles of Malcolm X

The name of Malcolm X still evokes mixed feelings. Some people classify him along with the black radicals advocating ´inside out´ racism, others seen him as a mere demagogue who turned all in favour of his views. However, there are also those for whom he is the immortal legend of the struggle for human rights. The findings from the underworld Malcolm Little (1925-1965) was born in Nebraska at the time when the strict laws of J. Crow of the United States were regulating the relations between ´black´ and ´white´ citizens.…

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