For a little over a month since being elected and installed Senator of Montserrado County, critics of Dillon have chastised him for failing to live up to a campaign promise he made to make his salary and benefits public. Until Tuesday, September 24, Sen. Dillon had always claimed of not being informed about his entitlements as Senator. Op-ed 

To Senator Abraham Dillion of Montserrado County: Our people are not ignorant!

  By Andrew Jaye Jr   Dillion, Regarding your half-baked analysis to Mr. Samuel Jackson on the historical accuracy of the Rice Uprising, which you dupped as “Rice Riot” to smartly dent the character of the Progressive forces, is far–fetched from the truism of April 14, 1979. But more brazenly, and disappointing is the fact: that it is men like you to whom history must be explained. Mr. Dillon were you to muster the courage and discipline yourself by reading thoroughly the Liberian scholarships on April 14, 1979, you would…

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james fromoyan Public Policy 

April 14 Historical Reflections:  What Change Did It Bring? 

  By Joaquin M. Sendolo When Liberians begin to chronicle major events in their existence, they cannot escape the month of April and its records. They are always reminded about major historical occurrences that began in 1979 April 14 when the first major protest characterized by human casualties and massive looting took place.  In fact, many commentators say April 14 sets the basis of Liberia’s collective history when on this day, the ordinary Liberians outside of the realm of the ruling elites demonstrated how they felt about the century-old oligarchical…

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literary hour, Jackie and moses Society Arts & Leisure 


    By K. Moses Nagbe REFLECTING ON WHAT IN these past four months I’ve participated in on the Focus on Liberia platform, I’ve recognized the significance of conversation in meaningful ways that I hadn’t done in a long time. Purposeful conversations do carry seeds of development and progress. Why? Because such conversations are likely to generate ideas that drive dreams to be conquered,  dreams to be attained.  In the area of literacy and literature, that culture of purposeful conversations must rise to a high peak of intensity that is…

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april 14th, liberia Op-ed 

April 14th 1979: The Turning Point In Liberian Politics

  By Alfred P. B. Kiadii Forty-two years ago, a revolutionary event happened which altered the trajectory and texture of Liberian history. April 14, 1979, was the first time the working people and ordinary masses of the people stampeded their way on the center stage of history to change the direction of the country. Even after 42 years, despite political sclerosis in the fatherland, this day remains the summit of the Liberian people’s political rising. It marked the beginning of history from below. Here we see the same crude forms…

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call for submissions Society Arts & Leisure 

The Literary Hour: Call for Submissions

The Literary Hour hosts invite submissions for the edited volume titled “What Liberia Means to Me.” The volume will contain reflections that focus on personal stories, anecdotes, community experiences culture, arts and lived experiences. Entries may be reflective, humorous, Submissions may be in English or local Liberian languages with translation. Essay length of no more than three paragraphs (700 words limit) – Entries must be unpublished and submitted in Palatino font (12 pts), double-spaced in 8 1/2” x 11” paper size, with a brief bio of no more than 6…

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angel gabriel /abc news News 

Liberia: War Crimes Trial Hears “Angel Gabriel” Ordered Children Burned Alive

Mae Azango, New Narratives Justice Correspondent   MONROVIA, Liberia – Three witnesses appearing in the ongoing war crimes trial former Revolutionary United Front commander, Gibril Massaquoi told the court harrowing stories on Tuesday.   The first witness, a 45-year old man, from the Lofa County village of Karmatahun, said “Angel Gabriel” as Massaquoi was known during the war, order his men to burn about 25 small children alive in a cook shop and burn others in a nearby house.  “I was standing right there and saw it with my two eyes, when…

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dougbeh Chris Nyan, sup-linsu, 1987 Tributes 

Young Democracy Activist, Dougbeh Chris Nyan Profiled by Archie Williams Archive Center

    MONROVIA, LIBERIA – He is sometimes referred to as a “political doctor.” Many who may not know of his past continue to wonder why a medical doctor, inventor, and award-winning scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, is so politically informed, engaging, and astute to Liberian, African and global politics – on issues of democracy, good governance, economic independence, women’s rights, the disadvantaged, etc. Recently, the electronic-based “Archie P. Williams Center For Historical Information And Archives Research” profiled Dr. Nyan and his early days of pro-democracy and human rights activism…

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gabriel matthews, liberian listener Interviews 

Voice of the Revolution Special Issue September 1979 : Gabriel Bacchus Matthews Interviewed

SPECIAL EDITION September 1979 APRIL 14 A YAH!  “It is madness to suppose that the capitalists will submit voluntarily and that they will  calmly surrender their…profits, their privileges of exploitation. All ruling classes have fought  obstinately to the end for their privileges… All shed rivers of blood. They trampled upon  corpses, they committed murder, arson, and state treason; they precipitated civil war for the  purpose of defending their privileges and power.  The imperialist capitalist class will defend its ‘holy of holies’—its profits and privileges of  exploitation—tooth and nail. It will…

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pearl brown bull /fpa News 

‘Greed, Wickedness Undermining Liberia’s Image’ -Pearl Brown Bull

  By Mae Azango MONROVIA — A Liberian clergywoman and lawyer, Rev. Cllr. Dr. Pearl Browne Bull, says the image and prosperity of Liberia are under threat as a result of greed for money and wickedness. Delivering her sermon at Liberia’s oldest church, the Providence Baptist Church in celebration of its 200 years of existence, Rev. Cllr. Bull acknowledged that a country with a great Christian history such as Liberia stands on the verge of collapse if wickedness and greed for selfish wealth accumulation remain the order of the day. According…

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daniel cassel /news public trust Public Policy 

New kid on the block: Daniel Cassell has presented no plans to develop Liberia, just talk…

  By Socrates S. Saywon, Sr.  Monrovia – Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, the political leader of a newly established political party, the “People’s Liberation Party” is capitalizing on Liberia’s fragile political environment as the 2023 general and presidential elections draw near. Cassell who had his political institution grand opening and dedication ceremony of the PLP on February 20, 2021, has stepped up his activities  with various groups, most notably by awarding scholarships and gifts to Liberians in a charm offensive for political gain, according news reports. One example, is such…

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