The leaked recording, which became public, in December 2019, claimed the attention of members of the 54th Legislature, who immediately called for an investigation into the veracity of the recording with a threat to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Weah if the utterances attributed to Morlu proved to be true. Public Policy 

“I was his bag boy in Clara Town,” opposition lawmaker bowed to Weah

    It appears that President Weah might be growing a bit more thick skin since his earlier statement in June 2019, that anyone caught insulting the President would be dealt with accordingly. When pundits expected the President to heavily chastise the chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah Morlu, for utterances released in a recently leaked audio, which Morlu later described as ‘liquor talk’, the President brushed the recording off as a “blackmail attempt by racketeers” and that, “anyone can get angry and talk…” In the leaked…

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