Again, we call on the International Community including the UN, US Embassy, AU and ECOWAS to join us in asking Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to focus on her current portfolio and leave us to independently decide for ourselves politically. We hope that you receive this communication as a reminder of history to embark on changing the negative narratives for a reformative one.  Op-ed 

Liberia, A Search For A Patriotic Leadership

By Jackson Bropleh With less than 24 months to 2023 Presidential and General Elections in Liberia, the daunting challenge Liberians are faced with is who will be the next very good President. On every street corner, the arguments are raging like California fire.  Markets women are actively pitching in. Academicians, universities students as well as others are comparing notes of who will ensure full financial support and a smooth or uninterrupted academic program. The grand Student Unification Party and other students’ groups are worrying and wondering who will guarantee academic…

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However, very often in history, tragic periods pave the way for great destinies. Hopefully, we will witness the rise to power of African leaders who are up to the challenges of our times – times that call for moralists rather than relativists, sophisticated revolutionaries rather than reform-minded technocrats and people with a sense of history rather than people with business acumen. culled from www.theafricanreport Public Policy 

Paradigm Shift: Africa needs leaders who can rise to the challenges of our times

  The tragic events impacting the continent bear witness to a deep-seated leadership crisis. African leaders with the wherewithal to rise to the challenges of our times must step into the arena and enact radical change. On 6 November, Paul Biya celebrated the 38th anniversary of his first election as president of Cameroon. His supporters were decidedly enthusiastic about the event, while his opponents, both in the media and in the general public, openly expressed their anger at an event which for many people marks the start of the country’s…

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Making sure that the rule of law is upheld and Taylor brought to justice for his heinous crimes, sadly not for Liberia, but Sierra Leone, James Verdier worked pro bono to helped indict the war criminal, currently incarcerated in England. His commitment to the welfare of the Liberian people has always been paramount and this character has been impeccable. Observers say as Liberia looks to buried it past and move away from leaders who are so easily consumed by power, as they quickly forsake the national interest for personal aggrandizement, Jerome Verdier are those kinds that Liberia needs, as is indicative in the TRC report which he released with his fellow commissioners. Politics 

Hypocrisy, factionalism and arrogance must go; Pan African progressives must unite and lead!

By Sallia S. Komala There is an alarming extremity of hypocrisy and selfishness of party-struggle in Liberia, which are the special defects of democracies. Chief among the contradictions born out of the former and the latter are the twin evils of Incompetence and factionalism. Arrogance of politicians is a product of the combined defects of incompetence and factionalism. Such arrogance was displayed in recent times by one defective character in Mac JABATEH, who is cementing his relationship with the CDC at the expense of the ignorance of his kinsmen. The…

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Speaking about democratic governance – one of the major challenges facing member States, President Bio took the moral high ground, though he himself is under pressure from the country’s main opposition APC, calling on him to respect the democratic right of the people to elect their representatives in parliament, after the High Court annulled last year’s election results in over a dozen constituencies won by the opposition APC. Public Policy 

“We must not babysit or seek to protect corrupt ECOWAS leaders,” President Bio

  Last weekend, President Dr Julius Maada Bio was at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) end-of-year Summit in Abuja, Nigeria where he addressed fellow Heads of States about the successes of and challenges facing ECOWAS. Addressing ECOWAS Heads of States, President Bio welcomed the findings and recommendations of the Forensic Audit Report of the ECOWAS institutions. Commenting on the report, he said: “The revelations are an indictment of our individual national commitments to fighting graft and our collective sense of dignity and integrity as a community. “We…

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