Speaking on peace and security, Professor Alaric Tokpa emphasized that the New Vision for Liberia “is that clear Vision which promotes the rule of law, respect for the constitution, promotes unity and cultural diversity, peace, harmony, and security in all sectors of society,” adding that “freedom of speech, academic freedom, youth advancement and women’s rights were important to the New Vision for Liberia in a New Liberia.” Alaric Tokpa is an iconic fighter for social economic justice and democracy in Liberia. In the1980s, Mr. Tokpa was arrested and imprisoned by Sgt. Samuel Doe’s military junta, tried by a military tribunal and sentenced to death by firing squad, but later released on clemency. Op-ed 

Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan Presents New Vision to Rescue Liberia

    Dubai, UAE – As Liberia and other African countries fall into leadership crisis and a daunting economic future, three prominent Liberian social political activists participated in a forum and presented a perspective on Liberia’s future. The forum saw a major PowerPoint presentation by Liberia’s award-winning scientist and social activist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, who presented what he termed as the “New Vision Liberia” and the urgent patriotic call to “Rescue Liberia,” a press statement from Dr. Nyan’s institution, Liberia is the oldest republic in Africa that gained its…

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The party is calling on UL administration to ensure the immediate issuance of ID Cards to all students before the resumption of normal academic activities. Additionally, the ban on student political activities must be immediately lifted while urgency be given to the holding of ULSU general elections in this coming semester. As the 2019/2020 Draft National Budget is under legislative scrutiny, SUP is calling on the National Legislature to substantively increase the budget of UL and all public tertiary institutions in the country. Op-ed 

Student Unification Party expel militants for indiscipline

  Press Release   In a release, the Student Unification Party, has expeled few pf its partisans for gross indiscipline and breach of party constitution – describes the so-called expulsion of Chairman Carlos Tingban Edison as “a Blatant Lie and a Cheap Gossip only good enough for Monrovia City Corporation  Trashcan” Issued in monrovia, the militant student organization called on: sons and daughters of shantytowns, ghettos and hamlets, civil society actors, marketers, motorcyclists, taxi drivers, pen-pen riders, rock crushers, car loaders, shoeshine boys, casual laborers, conscious students, public school teachers,…

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