The assignment of Judge Nancy Sammy to preside over Criminal Court ‘C’ in Monrovia, where two of her senior male colleagues were forced to step aside from further hearing into the alleged missing US$835,367.72 and L$2,645,000,000 involving Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) current and past senior officials, could put her credibility to test if she makes good on her vow to resist any political interference into her judgment. Public Policy 

Lawyers caught in jury tampering will Be jailed, says judge

  In her efforts to regain public confidence in the Judicial Branch, the assigned Criminal Court ‘C’ Judge Nancy Sammy has threatened to imprison any lawyer that would contact a potential juror and attempt to influence the juror’s thoughts about how a case before her should end. Judge Sammy’s strongly worded statement comes in the face of public concern that most of the cases tried by jury at that court have usually ended at the Supreme Court as a result of alleged jury tampering, an accusation which has created a…

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