In you, the people have an exemplar of courage, a symbol of excellence, a highly respected figure, and an iconic Diva Doyen. Throughout the decades, you have never toyed with the ideas of amassing wealth at the expense of the disadvantaged masses of the people. Wealth without work or through exploitation has never been your fixation. Rather, you have used your meager money to educate people who you didn’t know and perhaps got no business in helping. But as a patriot who beams with that everlasting radiant of compassion, you do so without even mentioning it. Although some of those whom you helped to nurture and made your home a refuge for the hungry and sick, have abused your trust. Some of whom today make very mean comments about you. Notwithstanding, Miatta Fahnbulleh has never lost her appetite for social justice, compassion, and solidarity. Op-ed 

The Absurdity of Unbridled Triumphalism: A Critique of Jewel Howard-Taylor’s “Setting the records straight…”

  By Alfred Kaidii The prospect of a general election has awakened political opportunists and champagne feminists to the fact that since their collective performance on the national stage is nothing to write home about, a retreat to reactionary identity politics, no matter how bizarre and patronizingly embarrassing, is both an effective way to outflank their political opponents and is the only pathway to victory. This method of politics, which has been the stock-in-trade of political forces with almost no answer to the structural malaises plaguing the Republic, has as…

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Liberian Vice President Taylor Denied US Visa?

Report by Rodney D. Sieh Monrovia, FPA –– The United State Embassy has declined to address numerous inquiries regarding speculations that Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor was denied visa to travel to the United States of America. FrontPageAfrica and other media institutions recently made inquiries to the US mission in Monrovia but has been informed that privacy laws restrict the embassy from discussing status of applicants for visas. Responding to an inquiry Friday, Mr. Robert J. Clarke, Jr., Information Assistant at the embassy wrote: “Following inquiries from some media…

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