CoP also referred to the intervention of Liberia’s international partners at this 11th hour as “an intrusion” into the internal affairs of the state. “We do not object to intervention or intrusion, as much as we feel they are getting too much involved in our domestic affairs — that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But we hope that same level of intrusion will be made when it comes to the US$25 million [infusion]; that same level of intrusion will be made when it comes to other bread-and-butter issues like the L$16 billion; that same level of intrusion will be made when it comes to the attacks on Honorable Yekeh Kolubah, Senator Dillon, or Henry Costa or Mo Ali…” Op-ed 

Legality and Logic –7 Reasons why Sierra Leone will not extradite or turn over Henry P. Costa

The Editor, I am not a graduate or a student of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law. Neither do I claim to be a legal scholar or a paralegal, but I have made it my duty as a young activist to pen and proffer this legal defense on behalf of comrade brother Henry P. Costa. I thought to share my opinion on this matter by using ‘Legality and Logic’ as my ‘force of defense’ to ably justify why the Republic of Sierra Leone will not and cannot extradite or…

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Governments hit by unrest are presented with a similar dilemma: Use the opportunity of mass protest to accelerate social transformation to solve the underlying cause of unrest, or violently repress the people and suffer a decline in the new form of power. Occupy’s repression under former U.S. president Barack Obama arguably contributed to disillusionment, and the weakening of the progressive establishment, that fuelled Donald Trump’s victory. Mr. Obama failed to understand Occupy’s emergence as a symptom of the millennial generation’s existential anxiety about the future. What we craved was dramatic change, in any direction. The new wave of protest is an opportunity to chart a new course for humanity. Let’s not squander it. first published in the Globe and Mail December 2019, this piece was originally titled: Protests are everywhere. The world is rising up. So can humanity Op-ed 

Open Letter: A Plea To Comrade Brother Henry P. Costa

      Greetings Henry P. Costa, You’ve fought a good fight. You’ve risked your life in pursuit of social justice and economic parity. History honors your bravery and sense of patriotism to country and people. You are such a brilliant, articulate and powerful voice. It is your voice that this new ruling clique really fears. But right now, I am more concerned about your safety and security. I encourage you to be cautious and vigilant while in Liberia. The government has a vicious agenda to hunt you down. Do…

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Finally Mr. Costa, as a young man, you have the potential to be a good journalist. You are articulate on radio and you do a little bit of research over our average journalist. I think it’s about time that you choose between being a credible journalist or a rented mercenary. Above all do not forget that the freedom, which you now enjoy to even cuss people on radio did not fall from the sky. It came through bitter sacrifices by committed individuals dedicated to the cause of freedom, justice and equality in Liberia. Thank you.This Open Letter was first published in the Liberian Observer December 19, 2018 Op-ed 

Open Letter to Henry Costa

    By James M. Fromayan Mr. Costa, On Wednesday morning, November 14, 2018, I was driving towards central Monrovia from Paynesville.  At some point, I began monitoring your show (The Costa Talk Show) on a local radio station. You accused people you referred to as “progressives” for a host of ills, including “fomenting of troubles” in the country.   Progressives in this context refer to Liberians, who were and have been in the vanguard of the struggle for social justice and equality. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, you failed to make…

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LIberia’s Alternative National Congress “Notes With Grave Concern”

ANC Press Release   The Alternative National Congress (ANC) notes with grave concern the arrest of radio talk-show host Henry Costa on charges of making “terroristic threats.”  We believe Mr. Costa’s arrest and detention is unconstitutional and, for the reasons stated below, he should be released promptly. First, on its face the central allegation against Mr. Costa does not provide probable cause for his arrest and detention, let alone for his trial and conviction. According to the writ authorizing Mr. Costa’s arrest, the key allegation against him is that he…

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Liberian Popular Talk Show Host Jailed In Monrovia

…He Challenged President Sirleaf Son To A Fight And is jailed On Terrorism Charges!   The former talk show on Hot FM, Mr. Henry Costa is facing trial at the Monrovia Magisterial Court at the Temple of Justice on charges of Terroristic Threats, Menacing and Criminal Coercion.    The ongoing trial is the result of a complaint filed by the director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Mr. Fomba Sirleaf. The writ reads: You are hereby commanded to arrest the living body (ies) of Henry Costa, to be identified defendant(s) and…

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