Dr. Nyan is winner of the 2017 African Innovation Prize for Social Impact and also awarded a Patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his invention of the rapid multiplex pathogens diagnostic test, which can simultaneously detect and identify multiple infections, including Coronaviruses (COVID-19). He has been providing COVID-19 pandemic preparedness advice to the Liberian government and awareness in Africa and laboratory diagnostic training webinar to West African laboratory personnel. Public Policy 

Close Borders, Vaccinate Against EBOLA and COVID-19, Says Infectious Diseases Expert Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan

 By Robin Dopoe and Jana-Astrid Schäfer Monrovia February 16, 2021– As another Ebola virus outbreak has been reported in the Republic of Guinea, infectious disease scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan has said that regional governments in the Mano River Basin should close their borders with Guinea and secure Ebola vaccine to immunize their citizens in addition to surveillance measures. Responding to questions from journalists during an interview yesterday, Dr. Nyan emphasized that “Liberia and other countries in the sub-region need to completely close their borders with Guinea immediately, as well as purchase…

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Currently, Dr. Jallah who is the Chairman of the JFK Board has again allowed the JFK’s CEO Dr. Jerry Brown to abandon the full-time job as the Administrator at the JFK to take on the case management at the 14th military hospital when other qualified medical doctors such as Dr. Philip Ireland an internist, Dr. Emmanuel Ekynebah, and others who could have served in that capacity considering that the JFK is the major referral hospital for Liberia. News 

FPA INVESTIGATION: Conflict of Interest – Liberia’s Health Minister’s Private Clinic Competes With JFK

    By Rodney Sieh Monrovia – An investigation by FrontPageAfrica has found that Health and Social Welfare Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah has allegedly been diverting resources, including ambulances, fuel materials, and equipment from the Ministry and the John F. Kennedy Medical Center for her personal clinic, Hope for Women International. Prior to becoming minister, Dr. Jallah ran the Hope for Women located on the A.B. Tolbert Road in Paynesville and had another branch on the Marshall Road under construction. Minister’s Clinic Designated as Stationary Site The clinic on the…

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Liberia needs resiliency to fight the COVID-19 pandemic through a national mobilization effort. There need to be instructions on ways to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. The George Weah-led CDC government has a wide window to really make a difference in the lives of Liberians and the economy. The government cannot just imitate other societies or blindly follow global directives simply to take advantage of international institutional funding to line the pockets of George Weah and his friends and cronies. If the George Weah-led CDC government wavers in any way-shape-or-form, the opposition should be ready to force the hand of the government whenever an iota of neglect occurs in addressing pertinent issues and concerns of the Liberian people regarding COVID-19. COVID-19 should strengthen and unite all Liberians. The opposition should not allow George Weah to use the virus to tilt the playing field in his favor, especially regarding suppressing critique, evaluation of how the government handles the virus. Moreover, President George Weah should not be allowed politicization of COVID-19 through the use of paramilitary force, public rhetoric to intimidate, or songs to deceive, and cheering rallies to give the wrong impression will not suffice for what is yet to come. Op-ed 

Liberia – Mitigating Socioeconomic Impact of COVID-19

    Francis Nyepon   A coronavirus recession in Liberia is inevitable. COVID-19 commonly known as the coronavirus could lay siege and overwhelm critical socio-economic sectors in the country. The pandemic poses an existential threat to public health as much as an unprecedented socioeconomic danger to every Liberian. Urgent actions desperately need to be taken to mitigate the severe impact of the pandemic. Like most other countries in the Global South, Liberia, has gotten a reprieve from COVID-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic ravaged China and now spreading across…

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