brownell, paf Op-ed 

PAF National Executive Committee Announces Bahwah Brownell’s Departure As National Chairman

Press Statement   It is with gratitude that the National Executive Committee announced Comrade Bahwah Brownell’s departure as the National Chairman of the Progressive Action Front (PAF), effective September 22, 2021. Over the last few months, Cde Brownell has been instrumental in leading the Liberian branch, and the critical infrastructure — of interim leadership, organization, and reawakening as National Chair. His inspiring leadership and camaraderie have not only left a lasting impression on everyone personally but a permanent legacy on the Progressive Action Front (PAF). While we will miss him and…

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Colonel Mamady Doumbouya News 

Col. Mamady Doumbouya to lead Guinea transition after ousting Conde

  Document outlines missions and duties of transitional government to steer country back to civilian rule – but does not clarify how long transition will last.   Guinea’s military government has unveiled a “transitional charter” that it says will steer the country back to civilian rule. The document, read out on national television late on Monday, set down a series of tasks, including the drafting of a new constitution and holding “free, democratic and transparent” elections – although it does not clarify how long the transition will last. KEEP READING…

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Isaac Tukpah Op-ed 

Does Isaac Tukpah have it to be a chief of Staff for Alexander Cummings and the ANC? 

  By Edward Doe, Opinion Columnist    The Editor, I am shocked that Alexander Cummings and the ANC would select the political vagabond Isaac Tukpah as the party Chief of Staff (COS). This is indeed an error in judgment by Cummings.  And for this, I am beginning to question Cummings judgment? If Isaac Tukpah is the best in our community that Mr. Cummings can tap, I suggest that Mr. Cummings take a good evaluation of his decision-making process and judgments. First and foremost,  academics should not be the guidepost for…

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sup Op-ed 

Student Unification Party supports the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA)

    PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   The Indomitable Student Unification Party (SUP) stands in solidarity and strongly supports the progressive decision of the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) which reads: “The University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) has voted unanimously to disengage from all academic activities on all campuses of the University of Liberia (UL)” calls on the Government of Liberia through Pres. Weah and the National Legislature to renovate the University of Liberia now (Fix the University of Liberia now) The Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP)…

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Colonel Mamady Doumbouya News 

Guinea military leader Col. Doumbouya refuses to allow deposed president to leave the country

Reuters—-Guinea’s military leaders say they will not let deposed President Alpha Conde seek exile, after regional mediators attempted to mount pressure to secure his release following a coup earlier this month. The statement on Friday came after the West African regional bloc known as ECOWAS met Colonel Mamady Doumbouya in Conakry. KEEP READING Uncertainty in Guinea after military coup removes Alpha Conde Guinea coup leaders begin transitional government talks ECOWAS resorts to sanctions over Guinea and Mali coups “We will not yield to any pressure,” military leaders said following the conclusion…

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Ashley Jones /Bham now Artists & Reviews 

Ashley M. Jones named poet laureate

  Ashley M. Jones has been chosen to be the first Black poet laureate for Alabama, according to the Magic City Poetry Festival. According to information released by the festival, Jones, its founder, received the commendation during a Sunday meeting that was part of the Alabama Writers Cooperative’s yearly conference. Jones, who will be the youngest person to hold the position, follows Jennifer Horne, the 12th person to hold the title. The poet laureate serves as “the ambassador of poetry for the state,” according to Sunday’s announcement. Activities include touring…

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felix tshisekedi /africa business report Business 

DR Congo president seeks review of mining contracts with China

  Felix Tshisekedi, the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), has called for a review of mining contracts signed with China in 2008 by his predecessor, saying he wanted to get fairer deals. A statement after a cabinet meeting on Friday said Tshisekedi called for the “technical and financial details of Sino-Congolese contracts” at the next meeting. KEEP READING At least 50 feared dead in DR Congo mine collapse DRC gov’t says 12 people died after Angola mine tailings leak At least 50 killed in attacks on…

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The two authoritative sources that I have just given do not make competence or integrity of relatives an exception to the definition. Therefore, those who are saying that the appointment of relatives who are competent and have integrity falls outside the definition of nepotism are wrong. Unless they write their own dictionaries, they have to accept the current definition of nepotism. Except for monarchies, like Kingdoms and empires, where countries are ruled by families, nepotism is wrong everywhere, especially in democratic countries such as ours. Nepotism is wrong because it is an abuse of power. It provides a situation where the best jobs in a country are occupied by relatives of public officials. It deprives better qualified citizens who are not relatives of public officials of opportunities for employment. A nepotistic leader promotes patronage, opportunism and sycophancy as avenues for employment. In an atmosphere where nepotism prevails, honest patriots and nationalists are deprived of opportunities for employment because they are not prepared to stoop so low. Nepotism therefore is a dangerous and very serious corrupt practice because it has the tendency to promote corruption and mass unemployment. Public Policy 

Cllr. Gongloe: “I Am Committed To The Principal Of Free Speech & Rule Of Law”

Monrovia – The President of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) Cllr. Tiawan S. Gongloe has disclosed that he remains committed to the principles and ideal of free speech and the rule of law in the country. Cllr. Gongloe who is one of Liberia’s most prominent and leading Human Rights lawyers said that fighting for free speech and democracy has caused him enormous havoc, ranging from detention, flogging, and death threats from state actors, especially during the Charles Taylor regime. According to him, despite the threats posed to his life in a society gradually overwhelmed by chaos and violence, he will remain resolute in what is good and productive for…

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peter butler Sports 

Twelve Goals in three test matches as Butler face Nigeria and the Central African Republic

LL Staff Report Liberian English coach Peter Butler’s North African tour in July was so bad, that when his team faced Mauritania, Libya, and Algeria, his team was unrivaled and demolished— that it came as a total surprise when his contract was renewed by the Liberian FA to qualify Liberia for the next World Cup. Basically, his team lacked creativity and fighting spirit, according to football enthusiasts. The friendlies took place in Tunisia on 11 and 14 June respectively, and 17 June against Algeria. For the friendlies, Butler called up…

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Bill Twehway News 

Gull Draws Port Authority Director Tweahway Into Corruption Fray

  By: Yassah J Wright As promised to not be used as a scapegoat into the ongoing investigation over an alleged missing US$200,000.00, which was reportedly withdrawn from the account of the Buchanan Port, Suspended Charles MacArthur Gull, said the entire money withdrew from the account was US$1.5 Million instead of US$200,000.00 initially reported. According to Gull, National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director Bill Tweahway ordered the withdrawal of a total of US$1.5 million under the title special order. In a rather short dispatch from the United States, Gull indicated…

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