First Lady Djene Conde of Guinea and First Lady Fatima Jabbe-Bio of Sierra Leone do not have the leverage that First Lady Clar Weah of Liberia has to expend US$1.5 million of our taxes on “Humanitarian Outreach” just in a period of 15 months. Op-ed 

Is First Lady Clar Weah a Philanthropist?–A Call To Audit Her Office for US$2.2 Million

About 2 weeks ago, First Lady Clar M. Weah toured her privately-owned ‘City of Hope Project’ which sits on 15 acres of land in Marshall City, Margibi County. The First Lady has been priding herself as a ‘philanthropist’ even though she is overly dependent on public funding to implement her projects and programs. It was shocking but not surprising when Sheroes Forum in Ghana gave First Lady Clar Marie Weah a humanitarian award in May 2019. A few pro-regime establishments, seeking financial assistance and presidential approbation, have deceivingly bejeweled and…

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