Mabhena said many union leaders remained in hiding, including the Amalgamated Rural Teacher’s Union president Obert Masaraure, and Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions president Peter Mutasa. Two weeks ago, men down the doors of Masaraure’s home, kidnapped his wife, and threatened her with death if she refused to reveal her husband’s whereabouts. Public Policy 

Dictator Emmerson Mnangagwa, calls the Zimbabwe political opposition “terrorists”

When governments label their critics terrorists we usually think of Brazil under President Jair Bolsonaro, Egypt under President Fattah al-Sisi, Nicaragua under President Daniel Ortega or Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Zimbabwe might have long been part of the club of authoritarian states that rule with an iron fist, violate human rights, and jail journalists and political opponents, but President Emmerson Mnangagwa has finally crossed the Rubicon by publicly calling his political opponents terrorists. In a televised speech on Tuesday, Mnangagwa referred to the “destructive terrorist opposition groupings”, and…

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The Dictatorship in Kenya under Daniel Arap Moi, 1978-2001

Arab Moi at 95 years, is reportedly on his death bed with some news suggesting he is dead, this article was originally titled: Human Rights Abuse in Kenya under Daniel Arap Moi, 1978-2001. Arab Moi is remembered and will always be seen as belonging to the pantheon of African dictators in post colonial Africa that rolled back the freedoms and sustainable developments of the African people when they yearned so much progress after independence—editor ____________________ Introduction Jomo Kenyatta, the founding president of Kenya, passed away in August 1978 after fourteen…

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The report further expatiated on why huge amounts of cash are allowed in Geneva by Paul Biya stating that Switzerland does not automatically require a declaration when importing large amounts of cash of at least CHF10,000 ($10,000). However, Swiss customs officials can request information on the money if there is suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing. It seems Paul Biya will continue his lavish stay in Geneva unabated until the end of his regime which is the longest-ruling non-royal government dispensation in the world. culled fce2faceafrica News 

The Swiss continue to allow Cameroon’s dictator to lavishly stay in Geneva

    Cameroonian leader Paul Biya is known for living a notoriously lavish lifestyle in Geneva where he has unofficially created a seat of government in a 5-star hotel. The 85-year-old has spent a lot of his time as president at the Hotel Intercontinental which has a great view of the Swiss Alps. Several former hotel managers have told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that the hotel reserves the entire sixteenth floor for Biya and his entourage who sometimes take an extra 30 rooms on other floors.     View…

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