Dr. Dunn /ROAPE Interviews 

Liberia’s Pan-Africanism: a reappraisal and interview with D. Elwood Dunn

Brooks Marmon introduces the work and life of D. Elwood Dunn. Dunn, a Liberian intellectual and former politician interviewed by Brooks, asserts Libera’s position in the pan-African, anti-colonial world in the 1970s. While Liberia was associated with moderate states in the 1960s, Dunn sees Liberia, under William R. Tolbert, as a progressive force helping to shape Africa’s post-colonial political trajectory. By Brooks Marmon A violent coup d’etat in April 1980 saw the implosion of 130 plus years of rule in Liberia by American-born black repatriates or their descendants.[1] President William R. Tolbert Jr.…

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