Where have you ever heard about this being done politically in the selection of political leader for an opposition group? Where? This is what happens when a group of people listen to some little guy who just completed a degree or certificate program and still finds it hard to distinguish between ideology and real life experiences. Politics 

Poor Alexander Benedict Cummings, Jr.—-It is something else: his aloofness.

by Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh Alexander Benedict Cummings, Jr. is a Liberian citizen who is seen by his determined political foes as an outsider, a carpetbagger in a country where he was born in 1956 to Liberian parents. This is because like some of his opponents, Mr. Cummings is also aiming for the highest office in the land, the Liberian presidency. As a Liberian who personally have encountered similar pushback in some corners because of my enormous political activities in the United States other than in Liberia where “the action is” and…

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The Joe Boakai-Alex Cummings Failed Accra Meeting in Retrospect

By John H. T. Stewart Many key supporters of the Unity Party, according to sources, were shocked when news emerged of the recent UP political leader Joseph Boakai’s trip to Ghana accompanied by his son and nephew allegedly for a reconciliation meeting with Alternative National Congress (ANC) leader, Alexander Cummings. It is not known exactly who organized the meeting but informed sources suggest that it was former College of West Africa(CWA) students that organized the meeting intended to bring together Cummings and Boakai both being political adversaries and graduates of…

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Deceptive & Cunning as Usual: The Dirty Politics of Dillion Has Come Out of Its Hideout!

  Andrew Borbor Werlay Jaye Jr. Several days after the exposure of the devilish plot within the CPP, there have been a media spectacle and a public frustration everywhere in and around Liberia. The public anger that greeted the scheme shrouded the plotters back to their hideouts. The plot became more widespread after an audio-carrying voice of executives of the Liberty Party. In the damming, but backstabbing audio against the aspirations of the Liberian people, Mr. Jallah convincingly lamented to the Grand Gedeh County Chairman of the Liberty Party: “We…

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