Although he noted that this was not a sufficient reason for pulling down the building, he expressed satisfaction that the Ghanaian government had taken responsibility for the demolition by promising to rebuild the structure to its pre-demolition state. The Minister further noted that the Nigerian High Commission also failed to obtain legal title to the land even though it had paid for it as far back as the year 2000 and also failed to obtain the necessary approvals before erecting the building. In other words, the Nigerian High Commission was equally culpable. A fair and frank admission I suppose. Editor's Desk 

The African Union has failed to ‘silence the guns’ 2020 WAS THE TARGET YEAR

Editorial—-   Seven years ago African leaders committed themselves towards an end to armed conflict. At the 50th anniversary celebration that marked the founding of the African Union, they promised lasting peace on the continent, pledging not to pass down the burden of armed conflicts to “the next generation of Africans.” This promise was followed by “the adoption in 2016 of the Lusaka Road Map to end conflict by 2020. The document outlined 54 practical steps that needed to be taken. They focused on political, economic, social, environmental and legal…

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Note: While the political superstructure may have changed its features since the second imperialist war, the economic base of the society has remained the same. Under Tubman, it was a Black Apartheid state in the service of imperialist capitalism. Under Doe, it was a military dictatorship in the service of imperialist capitalism. Under Taylor, it was Black Fascism in the service of capitalism. The Ellen’s era ushered in a liberal democracy; not a popular democracy but a democracy in the service of neo-liberal capitalism. In the current era under the soccer dolt, the fatherland is drifting away from liberal democracy and neo-colonial capitalism back to Black fascism in the service of private ownership of the properties of production, free market economy and free trade. Under these different conditions, the major aim of the state has been to create the condition for the wholesale exploitation of labor and resources by foreign capital.    Op-ed 

Pre and Post 1980: The Untold Reasons of the Liberian Civil War and Conflicts

By Lawrence S. Tuah It is often said the civil war spoiled Liberia and reduced it to nothing, and that the progressive class must be blamed for everything that is wrong with Liberia, that is how the conservatives want us to interpret the history of Liberia. But, is that how things really are, that the people shouldn’t consider the objective conditions and systematic straitjacket put in place by the establishment before 1980 that inevitably precipitated the outburst of the crisis, absolutely no! In this month of April which brings important…

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What should be done? The Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) is lobbying for joint military operations involving regional states. But intelligence sharing, border controls and efforts to win over local populations would be cheaper and more effective. Ecowas should redouble efforts to avert electoral crises that militants could use to their advantage. Public Policy 

Africa should not wait for jihadists to get stronger before our leaders act

By Cherbo Geeplay Today, everything we know says Africa is plagued with barrage of conflicting issues, and prominent amongst these is the looming threat of terrorism buckling at the feet of our leaders who are not proactive on the issue to fight the crime, even as migration or corruption spiral out of control, and caught between the scissors are our poor people who otherwise are the victims largely of these conflicts. They are caught in terrifying crosshair here—with little options available to them. When we are talking about Africa: the…

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