Liberia has been looted and turned into a wasteland of neocolonial capitalism. The havoc wrought on the society by Weah is revealing of national neglect and the intense level of contempt Ellen and her cabal must-have for poor and working people to have orchestrated this farce on the fatherland. Weah's actions have angered the people, and they resolved to vote the CDC out at any electoral poll. And here comes the dubious plan Weah has reached. So, we are not astonished upon reading the list which comprises names of familiar stooges. Op-ed 

Five (5) Criminal Charges That Must Be Brought Against Ndubusi Nkwuka Nwabudike

    By Martin K. N. Kollie I am not a lawyer. Neither do I claim to be a legal scholar nor a paralegal. I am an activist and an emerging economist. But if I were the Minister of Justice (Attorney General), I would have been prosecuting A. Ndubusi Nkwuka Nwabudike on these charges or criminal offenses by now. Ndubusi has committed a number of grave crimes. These are indictable offenses under the laws of Liberia. Why isn’t an indictment being drawn by now? The credibility of MOJ, Supreme Court, OSG,…

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This is why they will rig elections and use brute force to consolidate power. This is a recipe for conflict as patriots will not sit idly for Weah and his henchmen to take ownership of Liberia, loot it vastly while the Liberian people languish in despair. It is a historical dejavu. It is high time the international community comes to ensure electoral reform that will include other stakeholders of the society in the nomination and appointment of the Chairman and members of the Board of Commissioners of the NEC. If not, Liberia will again be a scar in their conscience. Op-ed 

What next shall we do? Forget the Senate, it will confirm Weah’s NEC nominees

The Editor, Mr. Weah’s nominee for the Chairmanship of the NEC, Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike, whether native-born Liberian or immigrant will be committed to rigging any future election for the CDC. President Weah must rescind the nomination of Mr. Ndubusi under pressure from the public, civil society, and the opposition. But we expect Mr. Weah will appoint another person who excluding the nationality issue has a similar character trait of Mr. Ndubusi. What next shall we do? Forget the Senate. Mr. Weah will bankroll the gullible majority in the Senate to confirm…

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