While we are not part of the July 24th protest, Madame Elder should note, she cannot wantonly issue statements and press releases from Mama point as she pleases! We, therefore, called on the Government of Liberia to engage the protest leaders and find an amicable solution to the pending protest. Long live American-Liberian relations and the suffering people of Liberia. Politics 

U.S Ambassador Elder Must Stop Her Interference

    The US was also a major supporter of Ellen Sirleaf and her misrule   The Editor We [the silent majority] called on the United States Embassy near the Liberian capital of Monrovia to immediately desist from interfering in “Liberian internal affairs!” HE Ambassador Christine Elder, should note particularly that the statement coming out of the US Embassy, is provocative, unwarranted, and seeks to infringe on Liberia’s democracy, particularly given the United States long-standing policy which was heightened during our civil crisis AFTER the United States ARMED a military dictatorship…

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Liberia: In Kenya the Americans also praised the elections as free and fair

From years of experience, it has long become obvious that the Western World does not see any Election in Africa that is fraudulent. To each African Election, they have never failed to deploy large contingents of “Election Experts,” but their “Reports” have become so formulaic as to be predictable. All the Western “Election Experts” want to see in order to determine an Election as Free and Fair is a long line of Africans, the better it always is when they are not butchering one another with machetes and pangas. Except,…

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