Many at times brothers and sisters attribute all our present problems to the age-old story of slavery, colonialism or another. The fact though but it doesn't entirely make sense cause there's present and opportunities. This kind of assertion must be exhausted and retired—that is, we can use the present and opportunities to redefine our past and secure a better future for generations to come.  In my view, the essence of reading history is to mirror the past, to teach the present  and project a future. Indeed, Liberia has a semi-barbaric past, yet there are present and opportunities.    Conclusion  Op-ed 

A Critical look at Dr. Fahnbulleh’s Road to 2017- A cursory look at why he lost

Before going into the subject please read a little about our legion, teacher and leader in Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr   (this is the link, click and read: By the way, Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr is commonly known as HB.  Some time ago—I shared LPP’s 2017 political Manifesto, for The General and Presidential elections in Liberia. A friend of mine (South African) was fascinated by the ideal-rich manifesto and was interested in reading Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr thoughts. Although he was moved by the manifesto, he…

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HBF: It was my way of delineating social classes and their reactions to the questions of patriotism and nationalism in a situation of political crisis. Again, the attempt was to draw our attention to that facet of our history which some ethnicists were trying to deny after the coup: that there ever were progressive and enlightened members of that social group called Americo-Liberians. This perception was ahistorical and downright reactionary. There have always been enlightened and progressive members of that group as one could see from the works of Blyden, Barclay, Bracewell, etc. Joe Benson was a symbol of that progressive tendency within this group which had maintained power after Barclay, would have altered the history of our country in a very positive direction. Interviews 

On his-Novel Behind God’s Back: a chat with Dr. HB Fahnbulleh, Jr.

  When I came across Dr. Fahnbulleh’s novel, “Behind God’s Back” at a local library in Monrovia in 2010, I was fascinated to know that he’s not only a militant agitator for social political change in Liberia, but a very good creative writer. I had read so much of his militant polemics of  vexing Liberian social issues. But I could not imagine he had written a brilliant novel such as “Behind God’s Back.” Perhaps what fascinated me more than anything about this novel is the fact that as much as Dr. Fahnbulleh is well…

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Boima Fahnbulleh attacks George Weah, says unfit to lead nation

The gloves are coming off as Liberia inches towards 2017 presidential poll, which is expected to be a highly contested The standard bearer of the Liberian People’s Party or LPP, Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, says Coalition for Democratic Change standard bearer, Senator George Manneh Weah is only a footballer, not a presidential material. He says that the former “world best footballer” lacks technical knowhow of governance, particularly serving in the nation’s highest seat, arguing that Weah has not been tested politically in serving at the highest level of public leadership.…

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