Ho Ho, dear reader, they are obviously in transit. Even the post office takes time these days to deliver on such promises. Trust me, they are really great-looking bird stamps. Birds, and lots of ‘em. Hey, look out the window: there’s a Liberian pterodactyl attacking that space monster in the park! WOW, did you see that? Incredible. Tributes 

Bird Land: The beautiful birds and stamps of Liberia

    By Dag W. Walker   My mother was a status-conscious woman back in the old days when working class people had aspirations of climbing the social ladder into the dizzying heights of the middle class. My mother, realizing she would never be the high-achieving being she longed to be, determined that I would be her surrogate, that shining social success she failed to become. Success, mine and hers, depend on me to rise, according to my mother’s limited understanding of success, to the professional heights as a doctor…

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