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Anti-Corruption Day’s Message to the Liberian People

By Tiawan Saye Gongloe December 11th, 2022, marks international anti-corruption day. We ask all Liberians to take a moment to reflect on what corruption has done to the people of Liberia. Corruption has made Liberia not to develop. Over the past 175 years, corruption has caused the violent removal of four presidents, three of whom were killed in the process. Corruption was the primary reason for the civil conflict that caused the death of over three hundred thousand Liberians. Under the Weah government, Liberia is moving backward due to high…

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President Declares December 9 Anti Corruption Day in Liberia

The Editor, Since the President has declared December 9, 2014 as International Anti-corruption Day, I’d like to give a salute to all those who have embezzle government funds and are yet to be persecuted in the Liberian government,! I am therefore sending a Happy Anti-Corruption Day Card to: 1) Edwin Snowe’s small brother (James Davies) and the Ebola vendors who inflate their invoice prices so they can kickback 20 percent to the government official (s) who awarded them the contract! By the way, December 9 is Rep. Edwin Snowe’s birthday!…

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