Liberian Defense Officials Neglect AFL Soldier Corporal Jefferson?

Corporal Titus Jefferson is fighting for his life. Staff Report With dire economic conditions confronting Liberia and ordinary Liberians, reports say, the post war reconstruction era, has seen almost every major development indicator under the Unity Party led govt of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf underperformed the last few years with with runaway corruption endemic, with health and education the main victims and culprits, even as govt officials over paid themselves. For example, a Liberian legislator makes upward of about 15, 000 dollars monthly, in a country with a national budget…

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PHOTO ESSAY: IS Gen. Ziankahn Confused?

AFL Chief of Staff Gen. Ziankahn ordered the Liberian Observer editor and publisher, the respected Kenneth Best to without delay appeared at his office this week, over a news article that met his displeasure. Gen. Ziankahn is supposed to, or expected to be the best and intelligent ever army Chief of Staff of the Liberian Army given Liberia’s brush with military dictatorship and armed conflict which lasted for almost three decades. Plus, he was meritly vetted by some of the best military trainers in the world, and tax payers and…

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Liberia Arm Forces Departs For Peace Keeping

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy The third rotation of the Armed Forces of Liberia’s (AFL) troop of peacekeepers has departed the country for Bamako, Mali. The soldiers comprised of 46 infantry guards left via the Roberts International Airport (RIA) yesterday with motivation from the Deputy Minister for Administration of the Ministry of National Defense to act like soldiers as they have always done. Deputy Minister, Joseph Johnson ordered the Liberian peacekeepers to “go and get the job done” using the trainings obtained from home as needed in those strange terrains and…

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