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Africa for optimists: 2017 in review

It’s easy to get beaten down by negative headlines, and there are more than enough of those to go around. But look carefully and 2018 has given Africa Editor Simon Allison plenty of reasons to be optimistic about Africa’s future. West Africa’s democratic renaissance There are two reasons to be excited about the exit into exile of long-term Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh in January.The first is obvious: after voting him out in an election, one that even Jammeh failed to rig, Gambians were finally rid of the man who had…

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Liberia 2017: Progressives Want State Power

MONROVIA—On Tuesday, Liberian progressives announced they were ready to succeed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, stating the next president will come from the ranks of the organization. “Ladies and gentlemen of the press, the Progressive will take state power in 2017; the progressive will win the elections!” Sando Wayne, Spokesperson of the Progressive Coordinating Group said. Wayne said, the progressives will not be fragmented and would form a common front for the Presidency. “We the progressives have changed our strategy; we have begun to work against what we know could ultimately…

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