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    By K. Moses Nagbe REFLECTING ON WHAT IN these past four months I’ve participated in on the Focus on Liberia platform, I’ve recognized the significance of conversation in meaningful ways that I hadn’t done in a long time. Purposeful conversations do carry seeds of development and progress. Why? Because such conversations are likely to generate ideas that drive dreams to be conquered,  dreams to be attained.  In the area of literacy and literature, that culture of purposeful conversations must rise to a high peak of intensity that is…

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  Special Limited Opening Request For Liberian Women Writers ***Deadline Midnight Monday, June 17th  The Women of Color Writers’ Community invites Liberian Writers to submit their writing for possible inclusion in Boundaries & Borders a Theme-Based Anthology that broadly interprets  experiences of living within or overcoming the confines of culture, status, and condition/s in our lives – written as you choose to write about it.   We are seeking a Diversity of Writing That Meets the Anthology’s Theme   Our Goal – to Present, Underrepresented Womens’ Literary Works to the World  SUBMISSION…

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The Literary Hour: Call for Submissions

The Literary Hour hosts invite submissions for the edited volume titled “What Liberia Means to Me.” The volume will contain reflections that focus on personal stories, anecdotes, community experiences culture, arts and lived experiences. Entries may be reflective, humorous, Submissions may be in English or local Liberian languages with translation. Essay length of no more than three paragraphs (700 words limit) – Entries must be unpublished and submitted in Palatino font (12 pts), double-spaced in 8 1/2” x 11” paper size, with a brief bio of no more than 6…

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The designer choosing pan-African pride over Western attention

    Bubu Ogisi is making African fashion in Africa for Africans. The Nigerian creative director, stylist and the designer behind the label IAMISIGO, Ogisi is committed to celebrating African philosophies, fabrics and techniques. She and her close-knit teams of artisans have created a label which breaks many of the “rules” about what African brands are and should be. Not interested in capturing Western audiences or selling big, IAMISIGO’s work is focused on using fashion to tell the colorful and complicated story of Africa’s history, present and future. “In 100…

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day In Africa!

    Life is not all about work and business. Leisure, celebrations, time for ourselves, are all needed for a happier life. That’s why today, on Valentine’s Day, we’re neither talking about outstanding business in Africa nor what can you do to improve them, but about how they celebrate the lover’s day across the world’s largest continent. The truth is that it’s probable that many of us have never give it a thought. We might have taken for granted the flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and romantic dinners to celebrate it…

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Travelogue: I’ve been on the road for almost 50 years now. I have a lot to learn yet. 

  By Dag Walker   It’s easy to rush around the world looking at important sites only later to find one has missed the life of locals who make the world human. I travel so I can experience the greatness of places, to see architectural wonders, historic events, artefacts unique and brilliant. Sometimes, though, I just cross the street to talk to locals about their neighborhood. Nothing much comes from casual conversations on the street most of the time; but sometimes– not today but sometimes– I am enlightened in a…

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Overall Performance: Consider whether the participant’s physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, and evidence of understanding all seem on target and unified to breathe life into the poem. “Overall performance” is worth more than other categories, with the value up to nine points. This category evaluates the total success of the performance, the degree to which the recitation has become more than the sum of its parts. Society Arts & Leisure 

International Women’s Day Poetry Competition

    Program Overview: The Liberian Poet Society in collaboration with support from the Embassy of Sweden in Liberia, requests the general public to freely participate in a poetry competition in celebration of International Women’s Day. The competition encourages a dynamic culture of creativity and recitation competition of writers/poets across the country. This mini event shall help writers/poets enhance their writing techniques, master their public speaking skills, and build their self-confidence. Prizes • 1st Winner – USD $ 250.00 • 2nd Winner – USD $ 200.00 • 3rd Winner –…

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Jockk Brand vs. the Man at the Top of the Stairs  and Other Men Hiding in the Shadows in the Garden Evening. Icy Cafe, Street of the Monkeys, Phom Phen.  Society Arts & Leisure 

Jockk Brand vs. the Man at the Top of the Stairs: excerpts from a Novel 

Jockk Brand vs. the Man at the Top of the Stairs  and Other Men Hiding in the Shadows in the Garden Evening. Icy Cafe, Street of the Monkeys, Phom Phen.  By Dag Walker By 9:00 p.m the temperature had dropped to the low 100s in the city. Seated on a quiet back street outside of Icy Cafe, a small group of young backpackers and a few older ex-pats sat sipping beer and rum and smoking endless cigarettes, sweating heavily under the dim pig-tail light bulb above the low doorway of…

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Open submission date: March 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020 Society Arts & Leisure 

Call for Submissions: “Breaking the Silence: Anthology of Liberian Literature”

CALLING ALL LIBERIAN WRITERS: Poets, Short Story Writers, Short Memoir Articles, Autobiography, Emerging & Established, to Submit Call for Submissions: “Breaking the Silence: Anthology of Liberian Literature” With the support of the Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, Author of several books, Poet, & Professor of English, Creative Writing, and Literature of Penn State University is seeking manuscripts from Liberian writers and all writers of Liberian origin or descent, established and emerging writers to submit their manuscripts of poetry, fiction, memoir articles, true stories, prose poems, and spoken word…

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LSA strives to offer balanced, informative, and thought-provoking conferences focused on practical and theoretical approaches to development in Liberia, across a broad spectrum of disciplines and contexts. The abstract selection committee includes academic professionals with a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise who are all members of LSA. Society Arts & Leisure 

Liberian Studies Association 2020 Announces Emerging Scholars Award

    Press Release The Liberian Studies Association (LSA) invites abstracts for presentations, panels, and roundtables that examine scholarship related to the conference’s theme of “The Functional State: Historical Lessons, Current Best Practices and Future Paths.” In order to encourage and foster early-career scholars who are emerging as contributors to African/Liberian scholarship, the LSA has created the LSA 2020 Emerging Scholars Travel Award. The award will support Master’s and Doctoral students who are members of an academic, research or professional institution. Those who have graduated with such degrees must have…

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