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Cherbo Geeplay and Golden Bough of Liberian Poetry

  By Dag Walker As Liberia rose from the ashes of war, so too have so many Liberian writers risen to create a new paradigm of literature for the world. The words and visions of Africa rise up to give the world a new path to run, to carry the baton for those who come later, too. An explosion of poetry, memoir, history, of painting and music and dance, architecture, it comes, from my position as a viewer far away, from Liberia. From so much suffering now comes the flowering…

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She quit her job as a NYC lawyer to move to Ghana

(CNN) — In 2012, Nana Amoako Anin was working as a prosecutor in New York. An American of Ghanaian descent, she had spent much of her adult life studying law and entering the legal profession. Then one day, despite the prospects of career advancement in one of the world’s most prosperous cities, she decided it was time for a drastic change. Which was when she moved to Ghana. It might seem like a surprising decision, but Anin isn’t alone. The West African country’s allure has proved irresistible to others in recent…

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One of the concerns of award-winning, Jamaica-born film-maker Roy T. Anderson is that “our stories were not being told properly”. Always possessing a curious mind and with a goal to “give justice to our people”, Anderson has brought to life the real story of Jamaica’s first national hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey. His docufilm, African Redemption: The Life and Legacy of Marcus Garvey, has been a journey that has taken him to places, including Canada, the UK, Jamaica, Africa and Costa Rica, where Division 300 in Limón is the most active Universal…

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Why some Black Americans are leaving the U.S. to reclaim their “destiny” in Ghana

Accra, Ghana — In 2019, Ghana’s president invited African descendants in the diaspora to mark the “Year of Return,” commemorating 400 years since the first Africans arrived in the colony now known as Virginia on a slave ship. The invite prompted record tourism to Ghana, and an increase in Americans who applied for visas to stay. But it was the events in the United States in 2020, and the Black Lives Matter movement, that drove a real surge in people looking to move out of America and into Africa. The Elmina Castle…

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The New Magazines and Journals Shaping Africa’s Literary Scene

Lolwe, Doek and other digital publications are helping to amplify new voices from the continent.   KISUMU, Kenya — While he was finishing his master’s degree in creative writing in England two years ago, Troy Onyango remembers, he lamented with his friends about how few literary outlets were devoted to Black writers, poets and photographers like them. For Onyango, he said, it was about, “How do we just find a space where we can all congregate?” That question led to Lolwe, an online literary magazine he launched in 2020 with the…

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Our Human Home:  Waging Holy War against the Age

  D.W. Walker   Introduction I grew up in a middle-class suburban house in the suburbs of a small town in the Rocky Mountains, the house at the edge of the three-block-long development on an unpaved street, half a mile from the rest of the town. It was an area of young people starting families, a lovely place for children, our house mere feet from a seemingly endless forest of ponderosa pines and robins and blue sky. With my dog, I would leave the house with my fishing rod and…

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Liberian Listener Poetry Prize: Guidelines

  The Liberian Listener is pleased to present its inaugural annual POETRY PRIZE, a contest informed by social justice and cultural perspectives Contestants should be from Liberia and Sierra Leone. Contestants must not have been published by a major poetry journal. The winner chosen in each category and runners-up will have their works published, and shared with the Liberian Listener’s audience. Finally, Liberian Listener commits to publishing an annual literary prize, and the contests are expected to be informed by an issue-based theme. Prizes are expected to increase or remain the same. Read below…

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A Cultural Hub In The Heart of Dallas: Monrovia Lounge Reopens

Staff Report When relentless but powerful storm and rain turned into an uncontrollable flood that pummeled Texas and surrounding states a few months ago, little did anyone expect that much of the southeastern United States, that produced the powerful winds would also affect the Monrovia Lounge—an enterprising Liberian business, which got damaged severely by the catastrophe. The damage was so extensive, according to the owners that, resurrecting the restaurant took all the resolve and energy they could gather to open their doors again. The Monrovia Lounge was begun according to…

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African Bronzes Are Scattered Everywhere: Museums Are Asked Where They Stand on Restitution

  On the heels of news that Germany’s museums are making new strides towards restitution, we asked various museums to update us on their own plans.   Germany’s landmark announcement that it would begin to restitute Benin bronzes as soon as 2022 sent ripples through museum communities around the world. The contentious objects, known to have been looted from the Benin Royal Palace in 1897, are scattered across some of the most prominent museums the world over. From institutions like the Metropolitan Museum in New York, which holds 163 pieces, to the…

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African collectors are driving global sales of contemporary African art

  By Ciku Kimeria Sotheby’s recently concluded its bi-annual Modern & Contemporary African Art auction, exceeding the lower end of its pre-sale estimate by over 40% to net £2.7 million ($3.7 million). Participants hailed from 34 countries, with over a third of buyers transacting with Sotheby’s for the first time, making the auction houses’ third online-only auction of contemporary African art a major success. The category was created by Sotheby’s only four years ago to champion the work of African artists. Since then, it has achieved over 80 record-breaking sales, underscoring the…

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