Remembering Thomas Sankara on the 30th anniversary of his assassination Public Policy 

Thomas Sankara Is Not Dead

BY BENJAMIN TALTON Anti-colonial revolutionary Thomas Sankara fought to transform Burkina Faso into a truly independent, self-governing nation before his assassination in 1987. But as a recent film shows, Sankara’s legacy continues to inspire struggles against oppression despite ruling elites’ efforts to erase him from public memory. Burkina Faso’s single railway line originates in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on the Atlantic coast and runs northward six hundred kilometers to the capital and largest city, Ouagadougou. The railway was established by the French colonial administration, and its route remained unchanged until Thomas…

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Given this position of the LNBA, our presence here today is not an approval of the reason for which we were cited, for the Constitution does not require such. We are here because the failure of a lawyer to appear and perform any service required by the Court is contemptuous. Personally, I should be in a joyous mood and celebrating for the elevation of Justice Kaba, as my former student during his undergraduate studies at the University of Liberia in the 1980s. But, I cannot because another former student of mine, Justice Ja’neh was removed unconstitutionally. Officially, as president of the LNBA, I cannot celebrate because to do so will be contrary to the official position of the LNBA. Public Policy 

Cde. Tiawon Gongloe lectures Chief Justice Korkpor about the progressive struggle in Liberia!

    The utterance by Chief Justice Francis Korkpor that there were no political prisoners when he was employed with the Ministry of Justice, decades prior to becoming the head of the Judicial Branch of the Government, did not go down well with Counselor Tiawan Gongloe, who himself was a victim. Addressing the opening of the March 2021 Term of the Supreme Court, Justice Korkpor, for the first time, recalled allegations that while working with the MoJ in the late 1970s as Research Coordinator at the Bureau of Correction, during the…

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kiano gbala /smart news Public Policy 

CENTAL wants independent investigations into Kiano Gbala’s corruption allegations

  By Socrates Saywon The Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia [CENTAL] wants issues of corruption dealt with in the country, efficiently and according to the law. According to CENTAL upon learning of the corruption saga at the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission or LACC, it reached out to the Commission to inquire about claims and counterclaims raised by the parties including, but not limited to, unlawful salary payments, unaccountability of cash advances received, purchase of Government property, amongst others pertinent issues, but is yet to get clear cut answers…

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dougbeh nyan Public Policy 

Infectious Disease Scientist, Dr. Nyan wants More COVID-19 Vaccines for Poorer Countries Debt Cancellation

  Staff Report   BALTIMORE, MARCH 18, 2021 – A prominent scientist speaking recently at the Academy Health program of the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health has called for more COVID-19 vaccines for low-to-middle income countries and proposed to the International Monetary Funds and other international financial institutions to cancel debt owed by developing countries during the COVID 19 pandemic. These proposals were contained in a slew of recommendations made by Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, an infectious disease expert who spoke on global access to COVID-19 vaccines…

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nkrumah, toure, kieta /modern ghana Public Policy 

Looking Back: When Ghana, Guinea and Mali tried to become one nation

    Although the dream of a United States of Africa has been situated in African intellectual history for nearly 100 years, the first substantial attempt to bring that dream to life was an ambitious project spearheaded by Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah. After leading Ghana to independence in 1957, Nkrumah thought the feat was “meaningless unless it is linked up to the total liberation of the African continent”. It is very necessary to point out that this famous quote was uttered on the eve of Ghana’s independence to a jubilant…

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kiano gbala /smart news Public Policy 

With Kiano Gbala’s appointment at LACC, Weah has no intention of fighting Corruption in Liberia

By Socrates Saywon The Liberian President George Weah’s appointment of Kiano Gbala to the LACC has met criticisms in several quarters amidst corruption allegations of the nominee. Weah is being criticized by civil society organizations including the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia [CENTAL], and political observers for the recent allegations of sleaze allegedly committed by the Commission’s Vice Chairman, Kiano Bai Gbala, who has been named as the acting Director of the integrity organization. Gbala, who replaced Ndubuisi Nwabudike last week as Chairman have been in news for…

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Photo credit /land portal Public Policy 

Land and Fragility of Peace in Postwar Liberia: Concessions and Conflicts in the Midst of Poverty

  By Thembela Kepe, Nyanquoi Suah   On June 7, 2019, crowds of about 10, 000 people filled the streets of Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, to protest against alleged corruption, injustice, and other failures of the government (Agence France-Presse News, 2019). These protests struck fear among Liberians, who had seen about 2 decades of civil war during the 1990s and early 2000s that left hundreds of thousands of people dead, million others internally displaced or exiled into neighbouring countries, infrastructure destroyed, and the quality of life severely diminished. While…

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kenya election /afp Public Policy 

Bleak future for East Africa’s opposition as ruling parties ignore constitution uses violence

    The East African—-Violence against the opposition during presidential elections is not new in East Africa. And so it was not surprising that National Unity Party presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine became the latest victim of what many saw as state-sponsored violence. At the time of going to press, Mr Kyagulanyi was still not allowed to leave his house; a decision enforced by a cordon of police and military officers thrown around his home in Kampala. Similar tactics against the opposition were witnessed in October 2020 Tanzania’s…

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The two authoritative sources that I have just given do not make competence or integrity of relatives an exception to the definition. Therefore, those who are saying that the appointment of relatives who are competent and have integrity falls outside the definition of nepotism are wrong. Unless they write their own dictionaries, they have to accept the current definition of nepotism. Except for monarchies, like Kingdoms and empires, where countries are ruled by families, nepotism is wrong everywhere, especially in democratic countries such as ours. Nepotism is wrong because it is an abuse of power. It provides a situation where the best jobs in a country are occupied by relatives of public officials. It deprives better qualified citizens who are not relatives of public officials of opportunities for employment. A nepotistic leader promotes patronage, opportunism and sycophancy as avenues for employment. In an atmosphere where nepotism prevails, honest patriots and nationalists are deprived of opportunities for employment because they are not prepared to stoop so low. Nepotism therefore is a dangerous and very serious corrupt practice because it has the tendency to promote corruption and mass unemployment. Public Policy 

Progressive Forces Cornered Weah To Accept Nwabudike’s Letter of Resignation

  By Socrates Smythe Saywon   Monrovia – Former Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission [LACC] Chairman Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike according to a LACC source resigned finally due to massive pressure from Liberian progressive forces, including Bar President Cllr Tiawon Gongloe and the left leaning campus based Vanguard Student Unification Party, or (SUP). After several weeks of advocacies against Nwabudike by the progressive class calling on his immediate resignation and departure from the agency, due to president Weah’s refusal, to fire the Nigerian national who falsified Liberian documents for his citizenship, Cllr. Tiawon…

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tidjane thiam /archyde Public Policy 

Rwanda recruits Tidjane Thiam to boost country’s financial prospects

    The former Credit Suisse boss has just been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rwanda Finance Limited, the government agency responsible for the development and promotion of the Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC). After his hasty departure from the Credit Suisse bank, Tidjane Thiam confirms his African ambition. The Franco-Ivorian banker has just been appointed by the Rwandan government to head the board of directors of Rwanda Finance Limited. The appointment, which comes at the same time as six other members, was signed by Rwandan Prime…

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