The UN Envoy expressed commitment to working with the Liberian Government in achieving the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development. However, he noted that UN adheres strictly to its fiduciary standards to safeguard UN funds against misuse and integrity risks. Public Policy 

Weah’s govt: Officials digging deep in public funds as corruption flourishes

  By Socrates Smythe Saywon Monrovia – It appears the fight against corruption in Weah’s CDC-led government is weak as some senior officials of his administration are taking advantage of Mr. Weah’s inexperience and apparent noninterest in the government he leads digging deep in public funds as corruption flourishes. Liberians are questioning President Weah’s own approach in tackling corruption in the country, but these calls are landing on deaf ears, as President Weah, is yet to hold a press conference or address any of the issues, especially corruption that has…

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abraham dillion Public Policy 

Light and Darkness cannot Cohabitate – Ten Contradictions and why Sen. Abe Darius Dillon should return his 15k 

  By Martin K. N. Kollie  Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon and pro-ADD apologists are asking, “Why should ADD return his 15k?” It is a form of mockery for ADD to even post on his Facebook page “Return it Vs. Don’t return it”. Since a few of you are asking “Why should ADD return it”, here are reasons:  Senator Dillon said he was only going to accept a salary in full sum of only US$5,000. This was what he said in August 2019, “Any amount over $5,000 will be…

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gabril massaquoi court sketch Public Policy 

“Massaquoi Could Not Have Been In Liberia In 2002 When He Feared For His Life”

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone – The hearings in the war crimes trial of Gibril Massaquoi got underway on Tuesday after a two week delay because of judges’ illness. The court, held at a secret location, as it had been in Monrovia, heard from three witnesses – a woman and two men. Defense and prosecution teams tried to establish whether Massaquoi could have been in Liberia to commit crimes in 2003 as many Liberian witnesses claimed but while Massaquoi was under witness protection in Freetown. Report by Mae Azango, New Narratives Justice Correspondent ______________________________________________________…

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senator steve zargo Public Policy 

Liberty Party Steve Zargo Underfire For handing Senate Committee Seat to Prince Johnson

    MONROVIA – Senator Steve Zargo (LP-Lofa County) says his last-minute’s withdrawal from the Senate leadership election to give Senator Prince Johnson (NDR-Nimba Couty) a free ride to the position was because of betrayal from members of his party. According to the Lofa lawmaker, he was not sure whether he would have won had he gone into the election because his own political leader, Senator Nyonble Karnga-Lawrence, and colleague Darius Dillon would not have voted for him. Senator Zargo withdrew last minute into the election for the position of…

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Johnson /westafrica journal magazine Public Policy 

United States Government Condemns Election of Sen. Prince Johnson to Senate Leadership

Press Release   The U.S. Embassy strongly condemns the election yesterday of notorious warlord Prince Y. Johnson as Chair of the Liberian Senate Committee on Defense and Intelligence.  Senator Johnson’s gross human rights violations during Liberia’s civil wars are well-documented; his continued efforts to protect himself from accountability, enrich his own coffers and sow division are also well known. That the Liberian Senate would see fit to elevate him to a leadership role – particularly in the area in which he has done this country the most harm — creates…

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james ibori /bbc Public Policy 

James Ibori: UK returns $5.8m stolen by ex-governor to Nigeria

  Some $5.8m (£4.2m) recovered by UK agencies that was stolen by a Nigerian former governor and laundered in Britain have now been returned to Nigeria, the Nigerian authorities say. Former Delta State Governor James Ibori was convicted of money laundering in the UK in 2012. Prosecutors say he stole an estimated $165m (£117m) from the oil-rich state. A Bombardier Challenger jet is among the items listed in court documents for a confiscation order against Ibori. Africa Live: Latest updates on this and other stories James Ibori: How a thief…

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looted african art Public Policy 

U.S. museums should return Africa’s stolen art

In the 2nd century B.C., Greek historian Polybius warned mighty Rome and other powerful states against plundering cultural objects from the peoples that it conquered. He cautioned “those who take upon themselves to rule over others” that “they may not imagine that, when they pillage cities, the misfortunes of others are an honor to their own country.” Now, after global protests over white supremacy and the vestiges of slavery and colonialism, a number of museums have announced that they will repatriate items looted from Africa back to the continent. In April,…

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dock worker protest in liberia Public Policy 

APM Terminals must refrain from continuous labor abuse, activist warned

  Press Statement for Immediate Release Voices from Exile (VEx) stands in firm solidarity with protesting Liberian workers at NPA and frowns on APM Terminals for continuous Labor Abuse… For more than a week now, hundreds of aggrieved workers at the National Port Authority (NPA) have been protesting against bad labor practices. The chief culprit of these anti-labor precedents is APM Terminals.  Voices from Exile (VEx), a pro-democracy and pro-rights advocacy platform, remain very concerned about this ongoing impasse at NPA. VEx stands in firm solidarity with Liberian workers and…

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crc bad working conditions Public Policy 

Appalling Working Conditions at Cavalla Rubber Corporation, In Pleebo Maryland County

By Andrew Jaye Pleebo, Maryland County–Pictures of residential housing emerging from the Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC) in Gedetarbo, Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County depicts a subhuman condition for workers. The buildings are dilapidated, unpainted, windows sealed with mud bricks, bathrooms made of rotten rice bags under trees and toilets outside and infested with rodents, roaches, lizards, and snakes. The buildings are in total disrepair and unfit for human habitation. Sadly, in this age and time, this is the inhumane slave conditions that workers of the CRC are enduring.    This rubber…

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Weah: “What was damaged during the 14 years of civil war,” he said, “cannot be fixed in a day’s time. This government is focused on rehabilitating Liberians whose lives were damaged. I want you not to join those who are undermining the country through protests. Join me to rebuild the country.” As part of his development plans, President Weah said the government was exerting efforts to change the lives of Liberians, by building concrete homes in place of the huts they have been living in over so many decades. Public Policy 

Journalist leaders write U.S Congress: Corruption & mysterious deaths in Weah’s CDC govt

    By Socrates Smythe Saywon, Sr.   Monrovia – The Congress for Democratic Change (DCD) government under the leadership of President, George Manneh Weah, is facing serious allegations of widespread corruption. The systematic corruption has claimed the attention of Liberians both at home and in the diaspora. Political pundits are also disenchanted with the CDC-led administration and are calling on Liberia’s international partners, most especially the United States government to investigate the Weah administration systematic corruption allegation. Owing to the wide-speared of corruption, three former leaders of the Press…

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