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U.S. museums should return Africa’s stolen art

In the 2nd century B.C., Greek historian Polybius warned mighty Rome and other powerful states against plundering cultural objects from the peoples that it conquered. He cautioned “those who take upon themselves to rule over others” that “they may not imagine that, when they pillage cities, the misfortunes of others are an honor to their own country.” Now, after global protests over white supremacy and the vestiges of slavery and colonialism, a number of museums have announced that they will repatriate items looted from Africa back to the continent. In April,…

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APM Terminals must refrain from continuous labor abuse, activist warned

  Press Statement for Immediate Release Voices from Exile (VEx) stands in firm solidarity with protesting Liberian workers at NPA and frowns on APM Terminals for continuous Labor Abuse… For more than a week now, hundreds of aggrieved workers at the National Port Authority (NPA) have been protesting against bad labor practices. The chief culprit of these anti-labor precedents is APM Terminals.  Voices from Exile (VEx), a pro-democracy and pro-rights advocacy platform, remain very concerned about this ongoing impasse at NPA. VEx stands in firm solidarity with Liberian workers and…

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Appalling Working Conditions at Cavalla Rubber Corporation, In Pleebo Maryland County

By Andrew Jaye Pleebo, Maryland County–Pictures of residential housing emerging from the Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC) in Gedetarbo, Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County depicts a subhuman condition for workers. The buildings are dilapidated, unpainted, windows sealed with mud bricks, bathrooms made of rotten rice bags under trees and toilets outside and infested with rodents, roaches, lizards, and snakes. The buildings are in total disrepair and unfit for human habitation. Sadly, in this age and time, this is the inhumane slave conditions that workers of the CRC are enduring.    This rubber…

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Weah: “What was damaged during the 14 years of civil war,” he said, “cannot be fixed in a day’s time. This government is focused on rehabilitating Liberians whose lives were damaged. I want you not to join those who are undermining the country through protests. Join me to rebuild the country.” As part of his development plans, President Weah said the government was exerting efforts to change the lives of Liberians, by building concrete homes in place of the huts they have been living in over so many decades. Public Policy 

Journalist leaders write U.S Congress: Corruption & mysterious deaths in Weah’s CDC govt

    By Socrates Smythe Saywon, Sr.   Monrovia – The Congress for Democratic Change (DCD) government under the leadership of President, George Manneh Weah, is facing serious allegations of widespread corruption. The systematic corruption has claimed the attention of Liberians both at home and in the diaspora. Political pundits are also disenchanted with the CDC-led administration and are calling on Liberia’s international partners, most especially the United States government to investigate the Weah administration systematic corruption allegation. Owing to the wide-speared of corruption, three former leaders of the Press…

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Note: While the political superstructure may have changed its features since the second imperialist war, the economic base of the society has remained the same. Under Tubman, it was a Black Apartheid state in the service of imperialist capitalism. Under Doe, it was a military dictatorship in the service of imperialist capitalism. Under Taylor, it was Black Fascism in the service of capitalism. The Ellen’s era ushered in a liberal democracy; not a popular democracy but a democracy in the service of neo-liberal capitalism. In the current era under the soccer dolt, the fatherland is drifting away from liberal democracy and neo-colonial capitalism back to Black fascism in the service of private ownership of the properties of production, free market economy and free trade. Under these different conditions, the major aim of the state has been to create the condition for the wholesale exploitation of labor and resources by foreign capital.    Public Policy 


  An Anniversary Edition By Dagbayonoh Kiah Nyanfore II The presidential election of 1951 in Liberia was one of the interesting events in the country’s electoral politics. I was five years old during the election. I write about what I witnessed and what I later learned and understood through research. The race was between sitting President William V.S. Tubman and his challenger Didwho Welleh Twe pictured below with Tubman on the left. Tubman knew that Twe would easily win the election because of Twe’s native background. Twe was the first…

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Even in their desperation for a bit of good news as they have drowned in a cesspool of bad narratives created by themselves, must they manufacture such a BLACK LIE about Weah's and his disreputable presidency? A president that is doing well by his people doesn't need public relations, his people will invariably be his PROs. They will echo his good news wide and loud. Can you guys stop this Hilarious Nonsense for a moment! Public Policy 

 Liberia’s Wasteful Spending: A Whooping US$900,000.00 For President Weah’s County Tour?

By Socrates Smythe Saywon Monrovia – An investigation conducted by Smart News Liberia and the Liberian Listener reveal that President George Weah’s first leg of county tour received a budget of US$900,000.00 with an unspecified amount of Liberian dollars, with hardship and critically needed funds lacking for hospitals, schools, and key infrastructure in the country. The amount, the source said, was disbursed through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, where one of the President’s confidants, Samuel D. Tweah is the minister. The funds were made available without proper scrutiny…

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 Liberians Concerned As Weah Administration Prints Additional 48 Billion Dollars Banknotes 

  By Socrates S. Saywon   As the government of Liberia has gotten legislative authority to print additional banknotes, there are questions rising amongst political pundits including ordinary Liberians wanting to get a clear understanding from the Weah administration through the Central Bank of Liberia or CBL, as to what has happened to the first twenty billion Liberian dollar banknotes brought into the country between 2018 and 2020. In September 2018, it was reported in the media that containers filled with newly printed Liberian dollars from a Swedish banknote manufacturer…

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The coup in Chad as Derby is assassinated, his son takes over: The African Union is quiet

    N’DJAMENA, Chad — Chad’s president of three decades died of wounds suffered during a visit to front-line troops battling a shadowy rebel group, the military announced Tuesday, as the insurgents vowed to take the capital in what could become a violent battle for control of the oil-rich Central African nation. The military quickly named President Idriss Deby Itno’s son as the country’s interim leader, capping a series of stunning announcements that came just hours after the 68-year-old Deby had been declared winner of an election that would have given him…

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April 14 Historical Reflections:  What Change Did It Bring? 

  By Joaquin M. Sendolo When Liberians begin to chronicle major events in their existence, they cannot escape the month of April and its records. They are always reminded about major historical occurrences that began in 1979 April 14 when the first major protest characterized by human casualties and massive looting took place.  In fact, many commentators say April 14 sets the basis of Liberia’s collective history when on this day, the ordinary Liberians outside of the realm of the ruling elites demonstrated how they felt about the century-old oligarchical…

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New kid on the block: Daniel Cassell has presented no plans to develop Liberia, just talk…

  By Socrates S. Saywon, Sr.  Monrovia – Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, the political leader of a newly established political party, the “People’s Liberation Party” is capitalizing on Liberia’s fragile political environment as the 2023 general and presidential elections draw near. Cassell who had his political institution grand opening and dedication ceremony of the PLP on February 20, 2021, has stepped up his activities  with various groups, most notably by awarding scholarships and gifts to Liberians in a charm offensive for political gain, according news reports. One example, is such…

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