Making sure that the rule of law is upheld and Taylor brought to justice for his heinous crimes, sadly not for Liberia, but Sierra Leone, James Verdier worked pro bono to helped indict the war criminal, currently incarcerated in England. His commitment to the welfare of the Liberian people has always been paramount and this character has been impeccable. Observers say as Liberia looks to buried it past and move away from leaders who are so easily consumed by power, as they quickly forsake the national interest for personal aggrandizement, Jerome Verdier are those kinds that Liberia needs, as is indicative in the TRC report which he released with his fellow commissioners. Politics 

Hypocrisy, factionalism and arrogance must go; Pan African progressives must unite and lead!

By Sallia S. Komala There is an alarming extremity of hypocrisy and selfishness of party-struggle in Liberia, which are the special defects of democracies. Chief among the contradictions born out of the former and the latter are the twin evils of Incompetence and factionalism. Arrogance of politicians is a product of the combined defects of incompetence and factionalism. Such arrogance was displayed in recent times by one defective character in Mac JABATEH, who is cementing his relationship with the CDC at the expense of the ignorance of his kinsmen. The…

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Did WHO-Rep Dr. Clement Lugala Peter take Bribe to Smear Liberia’s Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Nyan?

PRESS RELEASE ZÜRICH, August 3, 2020 – A US-based COVID-19 Expert-Group has alleged that the Representative of the World Health Organization in Liberia (WHO), Dr. Lugala Peter Lasuba Clement was “possibly being paid by the Liberian government to slander and speak negative” of an acclaimed NIH-trained Liberian infectious disease expert, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan. Dr. Nyan has been critical of the Liberian government’s “incompetence” and “mishandling” of the COVID-19 pandemic response in the little West African country. In a Zoom video conference held over the weekend, the Expert-Group said that…

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There is an evident absence of a critical mass of students and academics who are engaged in radical social movement organizations. Rodney used the platform of the university to engage in the production and dissemination of oppositional ideas and scholarship. He entered the wider society to educate and mobilize the working-class for self-organization. His legacy of principled commitment and activism is something with which activists or organizers should become fully aware. Neoliberal capitalism has established a seemingly unchallenged ideological and political dominance in the current period. It has left many people believing that there is no viable alternative to capitalism. Rodney would have rejected this defeatist tendency that has induced many progressives to abandon their radical politics or commitment to socialism and accept liberal capitalist democracy as the only political game in town. Some former radicals have gone over to social democracy, which is essentially capitalism with a human face. Politics 

Decolonization Requires a New Economics

By Sam Klug   On October 15, 1968, the government of Jamaica banned a 26-year-old history professor from reentering the island nation. Walter Rodney, a lecturer at the University of the West Indies, was returning from the Black Writers’ Congress in Montreal. While abroad, he had spoken out against the Jamaican government’s economic policies, police brutality against black Jamaicans, and exclusion of US Black Power leaders. What was dangerous about Rodney was not only his challenge to the Jamaican government but also that he represented, both within Jamaica and around…

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A man who most people feared and loathed turns out to be a petty and vain pretender who is only frightening when he confronts women and children. Miss Greene writes of Davis that "He was a good-looking man, straight, with a great black pointed beard; unfortunately, he had too many gold teeth, so that his flashing smile lost a good deal of its charm. (P161.) She writes that he was "clever, he was efficient, he was brave. ... Mention of the Kru war and his part in it, tears nearly came to his eyes." Nearly, but not really. "After speaking of his great love of children and demanding more whiskey, he spoke of Liberia's great attractions." Politics 

No, history is not written by the victors. History is written by writers.

Col. Elwood Davis: The 1930s American Mercenary of the Kru War   By Dag Walker No, history is not written by the victors. History is written by writers. Writers? They aren’t necessarily famous. They might write about Liberia and not be Liberian. Today’s victor might be tomorrow’s villain. It depends on the writer. Victors gain fame and sometimes notoriety, but only if they are remembered by history. The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs among others, used scribes to record their lives and careers. In its way, a scroll or a wall of…

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The National Democratic Coalition (NDC), Liberia’s social democratic party has requested the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia to compel the National Elections Commission (NEC) to recognize its constitutional right to function as a political party under the  laws of the Republic of Liberia. In a Writ of Mandamus issued to the Supreme Court, the NDC has prayed the Court to recognize its constitutional right to continue to function as a political party by nullifying the arbitrary drive of the NDC which has historically plunged Liberia into crisis. Politics 

National Democratic Coalition Takes NEC to Supreme Court for Constitutional Violation

Press Release The National Democratic Coalition (NDC), Liberia’s social democratic party has requested the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia to compel the National Elections Commission (NEC) to recognize its constitutional right to function as a political party under the  laws of the Republic of Liberia. In a Writ of Mandamus issued to the Supreme Court, the NDC has prayed the Court to recognize its constitutional right to continue to function as a political party by nullifying the arbitrary drive of the NDC which has historically plunged Liberia into…

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He added: “I, Zoely Zoe or Tarplah Z. Davies, will never ever sit down in this America when Henry Costa and his likes who are thinking about covertly overthrowing the Government of Liberia and thinking about looting the resources of our country. When they carry out their wicked plan, I will not sit in this America and witness my country in chaos. I will defend my properties, I will defend my government and people, I will defend my family and do everything possible to ensure that those people who have their devilish intention of trying to subvert the Constitution, their plans are reverted and the Constitution will take over. Politics 

University Students Chase Weah’s nominee for minister out of campus grounds

Mr. Davis is on record for saying he would “kill” any protestor that attempts looting his property during the pending ‘Weah Step Down Protest’ ___________   Monrovia – Members of the Student Unification Party (SUP) at the state-run University of Liberia jeered and chased the newly appointed Deputy Defense Minister for Operations, Tarplah Z. Davis, who threatened to “kill” would-be protestors of the ‘Weah Step Down Campaign’ and critics of Pres. Weah, from the main campus of the University of Liberia. Prior to his appointment as Deputy Minister of Defense…

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For a little over a month since being elected and installed Senator of Montserrado County, critics of Dillon have chastised him for failing to live up to a campaign promise he made to make his salary and benefits public. Until Tuesday, September 24, Sen. Dillon had always claimed of not being informed about his entitlements as Senator. Politics 

Liberian Legislators Seek To Deny Diaspora Liberians the Right To Serve Their Country

By Francis K. Zazay It is often said that history should be a source of wisdom, for the mere sake of making an informed decision, as is expected of wise leaders.  At the same time, however, nobody gives what they do not have, including ethical standards and sound judgment. No sooner, therefore, did I conclude reading the hate article about the Legislature’s passage of a Dual Citizenship proposition when I realized it represents an element that confirms the level of attrition meted out against returning Liberians and one that is…

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In fulfillment of the objectives of the Coalition to form and forge a common sense of identity utilizing the experiences, strengths and resources of Liberians in the Diaspora, to support NDC initiatives on the ground in Liberia, the NDC-USA chapter was established. Hence, the primary undertaking of the new corps of officers is to begin building the NDC roster in the Diaspora; undertaking initiatives that will provide needed support for NDC initiatives in Liberia; as well as enhancing the capacity of the party in Liberia and the Diaspora toward its ultimate goal of providing leadership and real change to Liberia and Liberians in general. Politics 

National Democratic Coalition USA elect officers

    NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC COALITION (NDC)   PRESS RELEASE   One of Liberia’s major opposition political institutions, The National Democratic Coalition (NDC), has elected Samuel P. Ajavon, Jr., as Chairman on a white ballot for its USA Chapter, until the USA Diaspora based group goes to a convention at which time the NDC will formally elect its corps of officials, a release issued by the political party over the weekend said. Others chosen to serve in acting capacities include Dr. Emmanuel Daykeay – Vice Chairman; Dr. C. Dougbeh Nyan –…

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Didwho is pronounced as DEE-WOO. “Twe was born in Monrovia on April 14, 1879 to Klao (Kru) parents. He was light in complexion, with a cicatricle on his forehead, a mark that distinguished people of Klao ethnic group from other indigenous tribes. [Welleh Didwho] Twe received his early education from the American Methodist and Trinity Episcopal institutions, as well as Patsy Barclay Private School. Also, he graduated from Cuttington Collegiate and Divinity School in Cape Palmas, Maryland (Liberia). In 1894, a US Congressman by the name of William Grout assisted Twe to travel to the United States to further his studies. During his stay in the United States, Twe attended several institutions, which includes, St. Johnbury Academy in Vermont, Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, Rhode Island University, where he received his Master’s degree, and later studied agriculture at Columbia and Harvard universities” (Tuan Wreh, The Love of Liberty: The Rule of President William V.S. Tubman in Liberia, 1976, p. 48 & Dunn & Holsoe, Historical Dictionary of Liberia, 1985, p. 177). Politics 

The Man Called D. Twe, A Legacy

    The Editor,   As a youth, I have always been fascinated by HISTORY, especially, with the knowledge and zeal used by those who are gifted in passing on the information. At that young age, there were three persons that made such an impact on me as far as history is concerned – they were, my maternal grandmother, Vahnboeh Waydeh Verdier, my mother, Kpan Sarkpah Mardea Worhwinn, and a cousin of ours, who we referred to as Sergeant Moore. I do not have the slightest idea why my cousin…

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While we are not part of the July 24th protest, Madame Elder should note, she cannot wantonly issue statements and press releases from Mama point as she pleases! We, therefore, called on the Government of Liberia to engage the protest leaders and find an amicable solution to the pending protest. Long live American-Liberian relations and the suffering people of Liberia. Politics 

U.S Ambassador Elder Must Stop Her Interference

    The US was also a major supporter of Ellen Sirleaf and her misrule   The Editor We [the silent majority] called on the United States Embassy near the Liberian capital of Monrovia to immediately desist from interfering in “Liberian internal affairs!” HE Ambassador Christine Elder, should note particularly that the statement coming out of the US Embassy, is provocative, unwarranted, and seeks to infringe on Liberia’s democracy, particularly given the United States long-standing policy which was heightened during our civil crisis AFTER the United States ARMED a military dictatorship…

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