ethnocentrism Op-ed 

Nimba: Ethnocentrism and the Land–Grabb Issue

  By: Andrew Borbor Werlay Jaye, Jr   When the body and flesh of the republic are monstrously bruised, the soul of the nation in which the people have nationalized inhomogeneity becomes groveling to the knees of ethnocentrism. Defining Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism is one disease that has been a cancerous proclivity, says, diminishing our cells in opposition to a vibrant political system. But ethnocentrism is not an element of natural science. It is birthed by greedy men (who interact with the animals, plants, and environments) who crave everything to themselves as…

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senator dillion Op-ed 

Setting historical records straight for Senator Abraham D. Dillon of Montserrado Co.

By Johnson Geply Past and present events constitute history. History is often recorded by the pen or the mind, never by a single individual but by many people, some of whom may live through it or witness such events that end up as written history or as oral history. As such, history does not lie due to the fact that it is narrated by many people. Yes, history does not lie but people do falsify it. People may choose to lie about historical facts either because they do not have…

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abraham dillion Op-ed 

Abraham Dillion Understanding of Liberian History Is Shallowed!

Hassan Bility & Andrew Jaye To think that social eruption can be manufactured for political capital is the very height of ignorance to demonstrate. The social eruption of April 14, 1979, has been propagandized by the right-wing and the remnants of the True Wing party to terrify our people, a dangerous game into which Abraham Darius dillion is playing. Hence Mathews and others could not have called the people on the streets if their objective conditions (poverty, exclusion, hunger, and so forth) were not visible and practical. But it is…

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kru warriers /ethan rider Op-ed 


  By Anthony Barclay Morgan Jr.   SACRED MOUNTAIN, FIVE TOWNS Liberia’s southeastern coast begins at the Cestos River and ends several hundred miles away at the mouth of the Cavalla and a verdant promontory aptly named Cape Palmas. The roaring surf and jutting rocks give way to a sparkling white sandbar and dense mangrove swamps that yield to wetlands, stately palm groves, and lush rainforest on both sides of the mighty Cavalla. The diverse peoples who inhabit this coast form part of a Niger-Congo subgroup found in neighboring Ivory…

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abraham dillion Op-ed 

Abraham Darius Dillion’s epitome of HYPOCRISY: Our People Were Not ‘Ignorant’ On April 14, 1979

By Alfred Kiadii & Moses Yamiah The population of urban Liberia in 1979 was more Educated than it is today. Men and women in the hamlets of poverty like the West Point, New Kru Town, and Clara Town were the bedrock of the progressive movement. Ask your mothers and fathers. If they are truthful, you will understand the story. How dare you insult the people once again. If the progressives were not set to win any election why were the two most populous parties [United Peoples Party and Liberian People…

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For a little over a month since being elected and installed Senator of Montserrado County, critics of Dillon have chastised him for failing to live up to a campaign promise he made to make his salary and benefits public. Until Tuesday, September 24, Sen. Dillon had always claimed of not being informed about his entitlements as Senator. Op-ed 

To Senator Abraham Dillion of Montserrado County: Our people are not ignorant!

  By Andrew Jaye Jr   Dillion, Regarding your half-baked analysis to Mr. Samuel Jackson on the historical accuracy of the Rice Uprising, which you dupped as “Rice Riot” to smartly dent the character of the Progressive forces, is far–fetched from the truism of April 14, 1979. But more brazenly, and disappointing is the fact: that it is men like you to whom history must be explained. Mr. Dillon were you to muster the courage and discipline yourself by reading thoroughly the Liberian scholarships on April 14, 1979, you would…

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april 14th, liberia Op-ed 

April 14th 1979: The Turning Point In Liberian Politics

  By Alfred P. B. Kiadii Forty-two years ago, a revolutionary event happened which altered the trajectory and texture of Liberian history. April 14, 1979, was the first time the working people and ordinary masses of the people stampeded their way on the center stage of history to change the direction of the country. Even after 42 years, despite political sclerosis in the fatherland, this day remains the summit of the Liberian people’s political rising. It marked the beginning of history from below. Here we see the same crude forms…

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romeo gbartea Op-ed 


By Romeo D.N. Gbartea INTRODUCTION Every Liberian is advocating for a “Developmental State” but there is still a scenario of cyclical socio-political wrongs. The hope of many has dwindled and the generations now and beyond are still wondering whether there will ever be a country with correctness for its betterment.  Spiritually, the month of “April” is a holy month in the context of Christianity. Jesus Christ of Nazareth arrived in Jerusalem and there were jubilations among the people and the same people lamented that “Barabbas” must be freed and “Jesus…

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sup Op-ed 

Sup wants Ministers Samuel Tweah and Zoegar Wilson dismissed

    PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In solidarity with the youth and student movements: SUP demands the resignation of the Minister of Youth & Sports, Mr. Zoegar Wilson and the Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweah; calls for mass protest on April 14th if LINSU, FLY & MRYUP allotments in the National Budget are not disbursed in time.  Sons and daughters of the pepper and bitter ball sellers who are dwelling in  ghettos and hamlets, student populace, marketers, motorcyclists, farmers, taxi drivers, pen-pen riders, rock crushers,…

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Conversation with Rev. Dr. Paulina Cole-Hardy

Rev. Dr. Paulina Cole-Hardy Liberian Listener: For those who don’t know you, who will you say you are to them? Paulina Cole-Hardy: I wear many hats, l am Rev. Dr Paulina Cole-Hardy, a speaker, spiritual counselor, influencer, mentor, entrepreneur, a cook, wife, mother, and a grandmother. LL: You are a writer, a Pastor, you have a YouTube cooking channel through which you share your cooking experience. That’s too much for one person. Where do you get the energies for all of that? PC: I have developed a healthy eating and…

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