the streets of monrovia Op-ed 

Liberia: A Horror Movie – how did we get here? Ritual Killings in Liberia on the rise as election comes

  By Fahnie S. Kollie  Liberia has been known to be a peaceful and calm country since the end of the civil war in August 2003. In fact, it is often referred to as a Sweet Land of Liberty. But is this maxim or aphorism still true today?  Mysterious deaths and ritualistic killings were visible during President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s administration. But why has it drastically increased during this administration? Why now and what’s going on? After the ascendency of ex-soccer Legend George M. Weah in 2018, Liberians were promised and…

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brownell, paf Op-ed 

PAF National Executive Committee Announces Bahwah Brownell’s Departure As National Chairman

Press Statement   It is with gratitude that the National Executive Committee announced Comrade Bahwah Brownell’s departure as the National Chairman of the Progressive Action Front (PAF), effective September 22, 2021. Over the last few months, Cde Brownell has been instrumental in leading the Liberian branch, and the critical infrastructure — of interim leadership, organization, and reawakening as National Chair. His inspiring leadership and camaraderie have not only left a lasting impression on everyone personally but a permanent legacy on the Progressive Action Front (PAF). While we will miss him and…

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Isaac Tukpah Op-ed 

Does Isaac Tukpah have it to be a chief of Staff for Alexander Cummings and the ANC? 

  By Edward Doe, Opinion Columnist    The Editor, I am shocked that Alexander Cummings and the ANC would select the political vagabond Isaac Tukpah as the party Chief of Staff (COS). This is indeed an error in judgment by Cummings.  And for this, I am beginning to question Cummings judgment? If Isaac Tukpah is the best in our community that Mr. Cummings can tap, I suggest that Mr. Cummings take a good evaluation of his decision-making process and judgments. First and foremost,  academics should not be the guidepost for…

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sup Op-ed 

Student Unification Party supports the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA)

    PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   The Indomitable Student Unification Party (SUP) stands in solidarity and strongly supports the progressive decision of the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) which reads: “The University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) has voted unanimously to disengage from all academic activities on all campuses of the University of Liberia (UL)” calls on the Government of Liberia through Pres. Weah and the National Legislature to renovate the University of Liberia now (Fix the University of Liberia now) The Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP)…

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Again, we call on the International Community including the UN, US Embassy, AU and ECOWAS to join us in asking Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to focus on her current portfolio and leave us to independently decide for ourselves politically. We hope that you receive this communication as a reminder of history to embark on changing the negative narratives for a reformative one.  Op-ed 

Liberia, A Search For A Patriotic Leadership

By Jackson Bropleh With less than 24 months to 2023 Presidential and General Elections in Liberia, the daunting challenge Liberians are faced with is who will be the next very good President. On every street corner, the arguments are raging like California fire.  Markets women are actively pitching in. Academicians, universities students as well as others are comparing notes of who will ensure full financial support and a smooth or uninterrupted academic program. The grand Student Unification Party and other students’ groups are worrying and wondering who will guarantee academic…

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edward doe Op-ed 

Liberia’s Hopeful Future

    By Edward Doe Opinion Columnist   Next year will mark the 172 anniversary of Liberia’s independence. 172 years may seem long enough for Liberia to find its way but much of the country has struggled to escape the long shadow cast by bad governance. Today, Liberia remains the poorest and least-developed country in  Africa and the world. Hunger, poverty, crime, homelessness, corruption and bribery, disease outbreaks – this continues to be Liberia’s story post-civil war. However, over the past two decades, Liberia has made remarkable progress and embarked…

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k-moses nagbe Op-ed 

The vexing questions on the national symbols of Liberia

  By K-Moses Nagbe   NOT IN OUR STAR, BUT IN OURSELVES [LIBERIA’S FLAG, PLEDGE,  AND CONSTITUTION AS CONTEXT] THE IMMORTAL SHAKESPEARE CAME to mind recently, after reading a passionately written article appearing in Running Africa, a Liberian-owned electronic magazine. The article focused on the vexing question of the national symbols, which seem to link Liberia perpetually with America. There is the Liberian flag. There is Liberia’s pledge of allegiance. There is Liberia’s constitution.  According to the article, all these are simply minuscule replicas of America. Did the pioneers lack…

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Tipoteh, Moja Op-ed 

PHOTO NOT Accord : As I am not a member of UP, I was invited as a Statesperson

    by Togba-Nah Tipoteh   Some concerns in the public space about my presence at the National Consultative Assembly of the National Executive Committee of Unity Party (UP) have given me this opportunity to explain the meaning of a public servant at the outset of this Commentary. A public servant is someone who is duty-bound to listen to everybody and do what people do to help not onesef but to help others in their struggle for sustainable improvements in their living conditions. The public servant serves not himself or…

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Mustapha Kanneh Op-ed 

CESA 21′: a breathe of fresh air for Pan African revolutionary student movements

  By Mustapha N. Kanneh    The wind of Pan Africanism is reemerging on the African Continent as in the era of Nkrumah with the sprout of novel progressive Pan African revolutionary student movements such as the Confederation of Student and School of Africa (CESA). CESA was born out of the need to chart a solution to the many problems facing students on the African Continent and resolve the many neocolonial contradictions facing Africa, and charting a clear revolutionary agenda for the advancement of Pan Africanism through the effort of…

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ellen sirleaf /getty images Op-ed 

The Ubiquity of Corruption In Liberia

    Edward Doe Opinion Columnist   A few months ago, a video in which a Yannah market boy blamed bad leadership for Liberia’s socio-economic problems, went viral on social media.  He called for a mass dismissal of the country’s political elite, which in his opinion, would help combat corruption and unlock the country’s potential. His view echoes the inner and hidden sentiments many Liberians have about their leaders. The reasons for this are not hard to find. Liberian leaders have done little to improve the welfare of their very…

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