Bill Twehway News 

Gull Draws Port Authority Director Tweahway Into Corruption Fray

  By: Yassah J Wright As promised to not be used as a scapegoat into the ongoing investigation over an alleged missing US$200,000.00, which was reportedly withdrawn from the account of the Buchanan Port, Suspended Charles MacArthur Gull, said the entire money withdrew from the account was US$1.5 Million instead of US$200,000.00 initially reported. According to Gull, National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director Bill Tweahway ordered the withdrawal of a total of US$1.5 million under the title special order. In a rather short dispatch from the United States, Gull indicated…

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Alieu Kosiah dailybeast News 

Liberian rebel sentenced in Switzerland for war crimes, cannibalism

Geneva—A Liberian rebel commander was sentenced in Switzerland to 20 years in jail on Friday for rape, killings and an act of cannibalism, in one of the first ever convictions over the West African country’s civil war. The case was also Switzerland’s first war crimes trial in a civilian court. It involved 46-year-old Alieu Kosiah who went by the nom de guerre “bluff boy” in the rebel faction ULIMO that fought former President Charles Taylor’s army in the 1990s. Kosiah faced 25 charges including one where he was accused of eating slices of a…

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Two-of-the-four-judges-in-the-Massaquoi-trial-have-been-ill-with-typhoid-delaying-Freetown-hearings-Leslie-LumehNew-Narratives.png News 

Typhoid Delays Start of Massaquoi War Crimes Trial Hearings in Sierra Leone

  FREETOWN, Sierra Leone – The Finnish court trying Sierra Leonean Gibril Massaquoi for war crimes allegedly committed in Liberia has delayed hearings by nearly two weeks because of acute illness of two of the four judges, including Presiding Judge Juhani Paiho. By Mae Azango, with New Narratives The Freetown hearings of the trial which began in Finland in February were to begin on April 28 but they have been pushed back each day since then as the judges recovered. The latest start date is now set for May 11. “The head…

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My Heart Bleeds For My Grieving Homeland, Liberia News 

Liberia: Victims Of The Civil War & Civil Society Institutions To Protest May 18

  Staff Report The Justice Forum Liberia (JFL), several Liberians, victims of the Liberian civil war as well as civil society organizations in the country are expected to assemble at the capitol building on May 18, 2021, to pressurize the state authorities for the establishment of a war and economic crimes court in Liberia. Maxson S. Kpakio disclosed that the establishment of a war and economic crimes court will go a long way in helping to curtail the culture of impunity in Liberian society. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which operated between 2006 and 2009, recommended creating…

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"We are committed to sourcing materials now from all over the world, other institutions that may have duplicates, looking for things in alternative formats so we can rebuild this collection," Satgood said. News 

The Cape Town Fire Library Destruction Is a Devastating Loss for South African Cultural Heritage

  Ujala Satgoor stood frozen, watching in horror as one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of African history and scholarship went up in flames this weekend. The Jagger Library at the University of Cape Town in South Africa — home to priceless rare films, books and manuscripts — was badly damaged in a wildfire that raged through campus and the surrounding areas. “The immediate reaction was one of dumbfounded horror at the spectacle that confronted me. And as I just stood there, I became even more numb,” Satgoor, the…

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emmanual savice / News 

Liberia: War & Economic Crimes Court Activist, Emmanuel Savice Denied Visa

Staff Report The Chairman of Liberians United for Justice and Accountability [LUJA] says he was denied a visa by the Liberian Embassy while on a visit to Monrovia. Mr. Emmanuel Savice said he was headed to the country to solicit signatures of a million-plus people who are interested in the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court. Savice is a Liberian-born who has scars of the war but now based in Canada with his family. In a statement on his Facebook page, he said ‘I was due to board…

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Korto Reeves /actionaid News 

Liberian Feminist Invited At Yale Fellowship

  By Andrew Jaye New Haven–A Liberian author, feminist, global figure, and the Co-Founder of the Liberian Feminist Forum, Ms. Korto Reeves Williams, has been invited as one of the fellows of the 2021 World Fellows at the prestigious Yale University. “A Brazilian diplomat, an Israeli journalist, and a British expert in the ethics of artificial intelligence are among the 16 women and men who have been selected as 2021 World Fellows.” Madame Reeves is the author of Inappropriate Medley: Stories of the Patriarchy, Pleasure, and Redemption, a stunning poetry…

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sup /liberian listener News 

Student Unification Party Commemorates April 14th 1979 Fallen Heroes At Palm Grove Cemetery

Monrovia—On April 14, 2021, the Student Unification Party (SUP) memorialized the heroic lives of student leaders who were shot by the police forces of the True Whig Party-led–Tolbert government, in Monrovia, after parading through the principal streets in the seaside city before climaxing their activities at the Palm Grove Cemetery on Center Street, where eulogies and remembrance speeches were given by the campus-based, pan African student body.  Reports indicate President William Richard Tolbert issued the order to  “Shoot them below the extremities”, according to a New York Times and Ann…

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child labor in africa /confectionery news News 

Child labor rising in Ghana and Ivory Coast’s cocoa farms: Study

Children doing hazardous work has gone up in the world’s top coca producers, study found. The use of child labour has risen in cocoa farms in Ghana and Ivory Coast during the past decade despite industry promises to reduce it, academics said on Monday, largely supporting earlier findings that were questioned by both states. The prevalence of children doing hazardous work, including using sharp tools, has also gone up in the world’s top two cocoa producers, according to the study funded by the United States government. The levels were higher…

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angel gabriel /abc news News 

Liberia: War Crimes Trial Hears “Angel Gabriel” Ordered Children Burned Alive

Mae Azango, New Narratives Justice Correspondent   MONROVIA, Liberia – Three witnesses appearing in the ongoing war crimes trial former Revolutionary United Front commander, Gibril Massaquoi told the court harrowing stories on Tuesday.   The first witness, a 45-year old man, from the Lofa County village of Karmatahun, said “Angel Gabriel” as Massaquoi was known during the war, order his men to burn about 25 small children alive in a cook shop and burn others in a nearby house.  “I was standing right there and saw it with my two eyes, when…

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