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Rapper Buckey Raw goes off on new release: Temptation

BY LIBSTARSVIEW Trapco sensation Bucky Raw has released a brand new single titled “Temptation” on which he gets candid about corruption in Liberia, rapping about greed. The rapper a couple of weeks ago spoke to LIBSTARSVIEW intimating that a politician had reached out to him to help him, to help his campaign, and he refused, not wanting to get involved with corrupt leaders. Good God, not many will turn down such opportunity. WHO IS BUCKEY RAW?—LINK A native of Liberia, with residence in Philadelphia, Bucky Raw is an up and…

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The Carbonaria Kingdom: A short story

Synopsis Peppered moths are polymorphous insects that usually appear dark or light-colored. And, depending on whether they live in a polluted region or not, one or the other form will thrive. In polluted regions, the dark-colored peppered moths, known as carbonaria, thrive because they use the soot-covered trees to camouflage from birds that prey on them. Hence, the more polluted a region, the more the carbonaria peppered moths. A writer discovers parallels between this phenomenon and his homeland, a place crawling with lepidopterous gargoyles masquerading in the polluted corridors of…

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We’ll Work Together To Change Liberia.

Excerpts of Mills Jones Speech as he was petition over the weekend ….And I want to say that they can plot as much as they wish. They can hold meetings as much as they want. They can know sleepless nights as much as they wish. They can go to the international community there and try to spoil my name but failing to know that every dog has a friend and that when they talked I can hear it too. They can try as much as they want to try to…

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