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“My dad worked overtime to preserve our childhood,” Ms. Moore said. Gunshots in the distance became “dragons fighting” and dead bodies on the streets were people “sleeping on the road.” Artists & Reviews 

In Wayétu Moore’s Ambitious Debut Novel, Liberia Is Reborn

    “She Would Be King” reframes the country’s history in magical terms.   By Lovia Gyarkye   When Wayétu Moore was 5 years old, she and her family fled Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. It was 1989 and the country was caught in a violent civil war. Ms. Moore, her father and two sisters took refuge in her maternal grandmother’s home village near Liberia’s border with Sierra Leone. “My dad worked overtime to preserve our childhood,” Ms. Moore said. Gunshots in the distance became “dragons fighting” and dead bodies…

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This arrangement allowed the government to redirect $51M ($66M minus $15M) and $17M ($17M minus $0.00) from amounts allocated for goods and Services (i.e., money allocated for business industries located around the country) to the construction industry and non-financial assets for special Ministries and Agencies. Op-ed 

Liberia: June 7 Protest Is Imminent

By J. Yanqui Zaza The May 4, 2019 story carried by the Liberian local newspaper, Frontpageafricaonline) about the June 7, 2019 protest encouraged me to share my views about the would-be protest. In the article, the writer stated, “the much-publicized protest dubbed ‘Save The State’ has created mixed reactions amongst Liberians, with many reminiscing the 1979 Rice Riot, the proverbial straw that unleashed 25 years of mayhem, anarchy, destruction, and death on Liberians.”  Preceding this assertion, many other Liberians have asked President Weah government and the June 7, 2019 organizers…

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Given this position of the LNBA, our presence here today is not an approval of the reason for which we were cited, for the Constitution does not require such. We are here because the failure of a lawyer to appear and perform any service required by the Court is contemptuous. Personally, I should be in a joyous mood and celebrating for the elevation of Justice Kaba, as my former student during his undergraduate studies at the University of Liberia in the 1980s. But, I cannot because another former student of mine, Justice Ja’neh was removed unconstitutionally. Officially, as president of the LNBA, I cannot celebrate because to do so will be contrary to the official position of the LNBA. Op-ed 

The Removal Of Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh Was Unconstitutional

Liberian Chief Justice Korkpor Gets Agitated Stops Bar President From Delivering Speech At Supreme Court The Official position of the Liberian National Bar Association has been and still is that the removal of Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh was unconstitutional. The LNBA maintains that the bill of impeachment was a product of the violation of a court order, that the  impeachment was done without a procedure prescribed by the Legislature as required by article 43 of the Constitution and that by the removal of Justice Ja’neh for performing his legal duty,…

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Our evening, Living the Legacy and Continuing the Work, will feature a conversation with the Daughters of the Movement about how their lives and personal passions and commitments to justice, politics, activism, and the arts were shaped by their parents, a performance by artist, entertainer and activist Ayana Gregory, the presentation of the Malcolm X Legacy award, and more. Op-ed 

Why Malcolm X Still Speaks Truth to Power

  Fifty years after his death, Malcolm X remains a towering figure whose passionate writings have enduring resonance   Malcolm X was music in motion. He was jazz in motion, and, of course, jazz is improvisation, swing and the blues. Malcolm had all three of those things. He could be lyrical and funny and, in the next moment, he’d shift and be serious and push you against the wall. The way he spoke had a swing to it, had a rhythm to it. It was a call and response with the…

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Do they have any plan to create jobs and economic development? Do we need a Council of Patriots made up of a potpourri of politically conflicted individuals and unsavory characters, former warlords and former members of Charles Taylor’s National Patriotic Party, and an untested and bloviating talk show host to free us from George Weah and his Congress for Democratic Change political party? Do these people, the so-called Council of Patriots, have a practical policy prescription to the problems in Liberia? Or, are they just exploiting George Weah’s obvious weakness to get rid of George Weah, and create national chaos? Op-ed 

Council Of Patriots: What Are Their Plans?

  By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh   The month of May has not been too kind to George Weah and his fledgling presidency. In fact, May is not the only month that hasn’t been generous to President Weah, but Weah as President of Liberia has been struggling to lead from day 1 when he became the nation’s highest political leader. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the president’s hands are full with the political problems that he either inherited or brought on himself. What is not working…

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Another finding said, “The money issued from the vault daily and disbursed to beneficiaries from the bank’s United States Dollars operational vault was not posted to the bank’s accounting system in real time. For example, money taken from the vault between the periods July 17 – 31, 2018 was not posted to the vault until August 1, 2018 in lump sum. The lump sum amounts posted were without supporting schedules…” Business News 

Liberia: $25 Mil Mop Up Exercise Audit Report “Indicts” Govt Officials

Auditor General Report on $25 Million Mop Up Exercise       Monrovia, Liberia – May 16, 2019: The Liberian Auditor General Report of Factual Findings of the application of $25 million dollars to mop up excess Liberian dollars on the market has been released and “indicts” the Government officials who managed the exercise. African Star is reporting that based on factual findings of the Auditor, field visits were conducted to ascertain entities which participated in the Mop Up Exercise as listed by the Central Bank of Liberia in its…

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NDC Press-Statement Save The-State

  Press statement   POSITION STATEMENT BY THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC COALITION (NDC) OF LIBERIA ON THE JUNE 7TH PROTEST MARCH TO “SAVE THE STATE”   The National Democratic Coalition (NDC), Liberia’s social democratic party, unequivocally declares its support for the “June 7th — Save the State” Protest and calls for a constructive engagement by the government of Liberia that will eventually serve the best interest of our country. Principally comprised of the New DEAL Movement and the Free Democratic Party who are signatories to the historic Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement…

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The military officer who replaced Pres. Tolbert, Sergeant Samuel K. Doe, would have been the last man MOJA would have ever thought of as a Presidential material to rule Liberia, for all the reasons that everybody already knows. I once met Pres. Tolbert, as part of a delegation comprising of Dr. Tipoteh, Dr. Sawyer, and Dr. Mary Antoinette Brown Sherman, I was privileged to attend a meeting with President Tolbert in his office in 1978. He had invited us after being told that we, SUSUKUU, were training guerrilla forces in the Putu Forest of Grand Gedeh County to overthrow the government. Instead, we had an agricultural project in Putu. Many years later, everybody now admits that Dr. Tolbert was one the best Presidents of Liberia. But what they do not add is the fact that President Tolbert was also one of the most educated, if not the most educated, President, of Liberia. And the example of Tolbert convincingly proves that to be a successful President of Liberia, one does certainly require a higher and formal education. Higher education gives a leader higher vision for his country and leadership. Tributes 


  By  Emmanuel Saingbe   William Richard Tolbert was born on May 13, 1913 and brutally assassinated on April 12, 1980 by elements of the Armed Forces of Liberia, AFL, during a successful Coup d’etat. But from all indications, Tolbert was a successful man, except that his successful story did not end successfully; rather, it ended tragically due to the convergence of factors some of which were not actually beyond his control, only that he was not a decisive leader. In 1971 when President Tubman died in a London Clinic,…

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Unfortunately, however, the Johnson-Sirleaf led Administration was reluctant in its implementation of the TRC recommendation, an action backed by some members of the Liberian Legislature. This sent a knife deep in the wounds of the thousands of victims of the Liberian Civil war- some of whom may never fully recover from the effects of conflict Op-ed 

Redeeming the Liberian Nation

Monrovia- Since the end of the Liberian Civil war, successive governments have ignored attempts to bring to closure the experiences of the conflict.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in its final report made several recommendations including the banning of some actors from operating in the political landscape of post-war Liberia. This was, perhaps, to clean up the space and give an opportunity to reflect as a people, thereby setting a precedent for the future. Unfortunately, however, the Johnson-Sirleaf led Administration was reluctant in its implementation of the TRC recommendation, an…

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Liberian Legislature is Responsible Our Problems Not Weah!

Open Letter   An Open Letter to the Liberian Senate and House of Representatives: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LIBERIA’S PROBLEMS NOT THE FOOT BALLING PRESIDENT!   Amidst economic hardships and a dictatorial misrule in Liberia today, with the economy going to the toilet, mass public dis-satisfaction with the way the country is being run, and Weah blatant disregard for public opinion, as he continues to abuse the public trust, the blame lies at your feet for ignoring the INTERESTS of the Liberian people who elected you, as you erroneously continue…

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