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A review of A Liberian Life: Memoir of an Academic and Former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs

“My motive for research and writing was a desire to better understand my country with a view to enhancing its development and hopefully contribute to the broader advancement of knowledge” (Dunn) page 162. How does one review an encyclopedia? This is the challenge I faced when I read the latest book by Dr. Elwood Dunn, titled A Liberia Life,Memoir of An Academic and former Minister of State for Presidential Affair” (2022). Every page of an encyclopedia is filled with essential information, that cannot be set aside. And if ever there was a…

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Lpp, Liberian peoples partyty Op-ed 


  SUBJECT: Is GRANT A LOAN THAT LIBERIA HAS TO PAY BACK? Dear Mr. Orison Amu: The Liberian People’s Party (LPP) extends thanks and appreciation to your institution in joining others to provide funding for the Government of Liberia to have conducted training for “…over 60 data focal person (employees),” according to the Press Release on November 20, 2020, issued by the Ministry of Finance Planning and Development. The 60 persons were to learn and utilize the “Liberia Project Dashboard,” a “…system used to input, analyze, and publish information about…

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A member of the opposition Liberty Party and Senatorial candidate in upcoming elections was attacked at a rally in the slum community of New Kru Town allegedly by supporters of the ruling CDC. Senator Abraham Darius Dillon shortly, thereafter, angrily reacted by threatening to have his supporters stone the Presidential convoy. The National Security Agency (NSA)reacted  by warning that such action would be dealt with decisively. The Senator later retracted his statement and threat.   Liberia holds midterm elections in December and General and Presidential elections in 2023. To date, no investigation has been concluded by Liberian authorities nor anyone held to account for these election related violence. In Guinea and Cote’Ivoire, the opposition have been protesting against attempts by the incumbents to extend their rule by amending the constitutions Deadly shases and injutries have been reported.  By Our Political Reporters in Wasgington DC and Monrovia/African Star Public Policy 

Liberia is moving dangerously downward into an abyss

PRESS RELEASE At an alarming rate, Liberia is moving dangerously downward into an abyss. It is a very troubling and discouraging situation considering the recent past history of our Country. The fratricidal civil conflict that commenced on 24 December 1989 claimed the lives of more than two hundred thousand Liberians. It was a conflict deeply rooted in the rigged Presidential and Legislative Elections of October 1985. Those Elections were conducted by the then Special Elections Commission (SECOM) under the Chairmanship of the late Emmett Harmon, a veteran of traditional True…

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deborah samuels News 

Islamic fundamentalism, the death of Deborah Samuels: Nigeria is becoming dangerous by the day

  ABUJA, NIGERIA — Religious groups and rights activists in Nigeria are calling for justice after a female Christian student was killed by a mob for alleged blasphemy. The student was beaten and burned to death on the premises of a school in northwestern Sokoto state. The Catholic Diocese of Sokoto criticized the attack in a statement Friday and called on state authorities to catch and prosecute the killers. Rights groups like Amnesty International, and the Socio-Economic Rights Accountability Project or SERAP, have also condemned the attack and are demanding justice…

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nigeria backetbal team Sports 

Buhari withdrawn country’s basketball teams from international competition for two years

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has withdrawn the country’s national basketball teams from international competition for the next two years, directly violating the non-interference statutes set out by FIBA. On Thursday, a statement from the office of Nigeria’s Sports Minister Sunday Dare read: “Following the unending crises that have plagued and nearly crippled basketball development in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari has today approved the immediate withdrawal of Nigeria from all International Basketball Competitions for a period of two years.” Dare added: “Government intends to utilize this period of break to…

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Ukraine war & Africa food insecurity: WFP Urges Zimbabwe, SADC to Produce More Food

HARARE, ZIMBABWE —  A top World Food Program (WFP) official has urged Zimbabwe and surrounding countries to increase food production in light of the Russia-Ukraine war that has caused shortages and a spike in food prices. WFP Southern Africa Director Menghestab Haile told reporters after meeting with President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare Friday that the World Food Program is worried the Russia-Ukraine war has increased food insecurity across southern Africa. The region, he said, should make a concerted effort to grow more of its own food. “SADC region has water,…

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gongloe Op-ed 

Liberia Leading Opposition Candidate Tiawan Gongloe embarks on a major tour of U.S. Cities

MONROVIA – Liberia’s foremost opposition presidential aspirant, Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe is currently on a major tour of the U.S. cities, supporters of the Gongloe for a Better Liberia movement are enthusiastically intensifying their activities to engage with and rally around their inspirational candidate for a resounding victory in the 2023 presidential election. In furtherance of their grandiose goal of a total victory for a Better Liberia, Friends of Gongloe Global (FOG-Global), one of the US-based main supporting groups will hold a major fundraising event this Saturday, May 14, 2022,…

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sri lanka /stackumbrella Politics 


The Editor, As humanity grapples with the specter of Nuclear War in the context of the US-NATO provoked proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, with the decimation of the lives of thousands of workers in Eastern Europe, it is compelling that we express our empathy for our brothers and sisters in our league who have nothing to gain but a life to lose in the heat of an unceasing barbaric and nauseating attacks orchestrated by imperial powers. Without a doubt, we oppose the war but not as the imperialist forces…

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web du bois by jose ciardiello Artists & Reviews 

W.E.B. Du Bois and the making of Black Reconstruction

By Gerald Horne By the time his magnum opus, Black Reconstruction, was published in 1935, W.E.B. Du Bois was already a rara avis—a prominent Black activist-intellectual in the midst of Jim Crow. Dapper and diminutive, and nattily clad in suit and tie, he was renowned throughout the country. The first African American to earn a Harvard doctorate, Du Bois cofounded the NAACP in 1909 and thereafter helped organize a pan-African movement that bedeviled European colonizers. But what distinguished his close study of slavery and Reconstruction (and does so even today) was its…

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In IG Sudue’s account, the vehicles were abandoned by protesters at the entrance of the Capitol Building and they (LNP) drove them to their Police Headquarters, which is within the same vicinity. According to him, there he immediately ordered his officers to search the vehicles and while they were searching that was when they allegedly found the arms and ammunitions along with a knife and other deadly objects in the lawmaker’s official car marked ‘HOR 65.’ Based on the discovery of the weapons, IG Sudue said he immediately halted the exercise and ordered his men to call the press to continue with the search in order to ensure transparency in the process. Op-ed 

A Patriot’s Diary: Amid Endless Police Brutalities – No Justice for the Masses

  With Ekena Wesley   Known for ceaselessly carrying shoulder-high coffins across Monrovia owing to what was perceived as bad governance, little did Liberians know that those who crowned themselves as true leaders were in fact charlatans, to say the least. For 12 years they carried caskets in the name of protesting against a so-called rotten system on the watch of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Such is the deceptive trappings of bad politics. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the barrage of protests the CDC championed; and although the…

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