Weah: “What was damaged during the 14 years of civil war,” he said, “cannot be fixed in a day’s time. This government is focused on rehabilitating Liberians whose lives were damaged. I want you not to join those who are undermining the country through protests. Join me to rebuild the country.” As part of his development plans, President Weah said the government was exerting efforts to change the lives of Liberians, by building concrete homes in place of the huts they have been living in over so many decades.Op-ed 

Exposing the Tyranny of Mr. Weah and his Reckless and Ruthless Government Officials



The Editor,


Under this Weah regime, Liberia is a country where the competent are downsized and the incompetent are employed, which means the worst and the least qualified are in charge while our best and most qualified are sidelined largely due to politics. And those who have been employed don’t understand the magnitude, prominence, and potency of the positions they serve.  They are very oblivious and zero in understanding and suffer from a high level of dyslexia, brain injury, and semi-literacy. It is only under Mr. Weah people are given jobs that surpass their understanding in regards to the job given to them. We know that power should be decentralized,  which means “power should be given to the people” but the Weah-led administration has contradicted the actual definition of decentralization.

It talks about how people should be employed based on their field of understanding or based on how well they are educated. It talks about people being employed based on the levels of degrees they have obtained. It doesn’t only speak against narrow-minded, Lilliputian individuals being employed in government. But it actually speaks about educated, lettered, and refined people given jobs based on their field of study. Let’s look at the results when puppets are employed or zero-minded people are been given jobs.

When puppets are employed because Mr.  Weah is running a puppet enterprise, they will desecrate, defame, contaminate, and plunder the state’s resources. They are going to be so lackadaisical on their responsibilities. How can they lead and fully represent the Liberian people? They are benighted like the dull president in Mr. Weah, who has failed to meet up with his promises.  Their aim is to just enrich themselves and reduce the people to poverty, begging, and destitution and to build duplexes and condominiums for themselves over the last five (5) years in power.  Moreover, their aim is to live in luxury while high numbers of the Liberian people are in poverty, penury, and privation.

And let’s look at the results when conscious educated people are given jobs to work in government.  They will always be on the rightful trajectory of their job and they will understand the magnitude of their work. They will be open in order to bring change, in accordance with the way they have been employed for the betterment of their state. They will offer value to their workplace, to fully represent their people.

They will focus on bringing solutions to stop the hardship that the masses of the Liberian people are faced over the years. They’ll use their best effort to bring change or to reform Liberians. They will actually know how to bring out new ideas on how to elevate their country based on infrastructure and edifice. Liberia will begin to develop like Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Algeria, and the rest of the other African countries.

President Weah, we know that your regime employs people on demerit but not on merit. Our country has been far degenerated by your presidency. We are not responsible for the fact that you suffer from disability and dyslexia, and I do believe that you understand nothing about governance. You are a zero president.

By Liberians electing you has the president of this country, it’s one of the worst and most historical mistakes we have ever made in this country that we will ever live by and we will ever regret. You are a complete historical accident to this country; we can assure you that Liberians have gained a high form of consciousness and that mistake will be corrected in the coming elections. You can no longer fool people who voted for you with your lies and football ideas. Do you think dancing Buga is why we elected you for,  Weah? We thought that you were going to change the narrative, in order to change the living condition of the people, to also improve our country but nothing has been done till now!

Mr. Weah, continue building duplexes and condominiums for yourself, while the masses of the Liberian people are living in poverty. Moreover, under your leadership, people,  most precisely young girls, are being reduced to prostitution and slut life. Let me be clear with you Mr. Weah. Every property you have owned or built under this criminal leadership of yours, will one day be used as a public school, government research center, or if you like,  government library.

When we say Mr. Weah is a tyrant or he is running a tyrannical regime, this is what we mean.

Under this Mr. Weah’s leadership, we  have witnessed people die with no proper investigation. People like Giftee Lama and Peter Parker. died in this country with no proper investigation, with this government telling us that those people died from suffocation. Do you think we are stupid people, like your leadership Mr. Weah? So what exactly do you take us for? Fools? We will never be oblivious like you, Mr. President. Princess Cooper died under this same leadership, but you said to us that she died from TB. How can that report be serious? Do you think we trust this leadership of yours? Three boys got missing under your leadership with no proper investigation. Do you expect us to say that you are rightly proceeding with our country? You must be joking, Mr. President.

Another reason why we say Mr. Weah is a tyrant or he runs is gangster regime is when we look at what happened at the University of Liberia of on March 31, 2022.

When we were having the late Amos Sawyer’s memorial service, George Weah, the chief custodian of violence,  and his gangster son in Jefferson T. Koijee, paid thugs, gangsters, and hooligans, who went on the University of Liberia’s campus, most precisely main campus, marched in the theater and brutalized several militants of the Vanguard Party (SUP) within that theater.  Comrades even got shot on the arm on that day, and they vandalized the university property on that day. No proper investigation was made up to this day. Another reason provided that Mr. Weah is a tyrant.

When we launched the Fixthecountry campaign on July 26 in this country giving thirty-five (35) counts and reasons why Mr. Weah must fix the county, telling  Mr. Weah to cancel the independence celebrations and place that money that was to the used for celebrations in sectors that are being faced with challenges, like the agriculture sector and the health sector,  and how can he provide solutions to problems, on things we are faced with in this country in the best interest of the Liberian people, the soccer dolt saw it has a hindrance to his regime.  On that day, the unlettered president in Mr. Weah, and his thuggish mayor in Jefferson T Koijee, paid thugs, gangsters, and hooligans. We were brutalized under the instruction of Mr. Weah right before the US Embassy near Monrovia.

Comrade Paul Dolo was stabbed on the arm, comrade Dave was also stabbed on one of his fingers, comrade Mohammed T. Kromah was brutalized on the head, and comrade George Darsaw was stabbed in the eye. Today George Darsaw is suffering from an eye problem.

Comrade James Pewee was badly wounded in the face on that day. One of the most horrible moments on that day, was when Christopher W.   Sivili was captured by Mr. Weah-led thugs.  Christopher was stripped naked under the instruction of Weah, the unlettered president of this country. Moreover, the comrade was beaten,   badly wounded, and injected with an unknown substance on that day. Up to now, the comrade is not responding to the treatment; he cannot even walk today.

You can’t even name the rest of the other comrades on who George Weah inflicted casualties that day under his instruction. Let me be clear to Mr. Weah. You will one day pay for your terror. Moreover, because you are stealing the Liberian people’s money, you will one day join comrade Charles Taylor in prison. We will reintroduce the guillotine because people like Weah will be placed on the guillotine after his leadership in this country. You will be captured like Maximilian Robespierre, George, and Dalton of France if you are like Bloody Mary of England.

I must recommend to you, Mr. Weah, if you came for reggae or change, you have to downsize all those people in your government who have been charged with corruption within the LACC report of June 22.

People like Wilmot Smith and Francis Wreh must be prosecuted. Numbers of key government officials who were sanctioned by the US government in your regime need to be investigated and paid for their crimes, Nathaniel F. McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Bill Twehway, former port director, and Cephas.

The time shall come in Liberia when foreigners will not be appointed to public office or government like the way president Weah has employed them. Moreover, foreigners will not ride diplomatic cars or be given diplomatic passports, like the way things are happening now under president Weah’s regime, while eligible, educated, conscious, and ideological citizens have been downsized.

We are also awaiting the time to come for those who murdered innocent people in cold blood, or people who fought the war, supported war, and those who brought the war in this country have to pay for the crimes they committed in this country, people like Prince Johnson and President George Weah needs to pay for their crimes they have committed in our country. They all have to join Charles Taylor in prison because one person cannot pay for others’ belligerent crimes. They all have to face the true nature of life and be placed in the black hole of Calcutta and never return.

Lastly, those in government that have been voted upon to serve in public office or offices using the country’s resources for self-centeredness and gluttony for their own personal gains, they will one day pay for their crimes, and will all be scrutinized with no clemency. Do you think you will bastardize our state resources for your personal gain and think that we will just leave everything? You guys will be history like Mr. Weah. When I say the president Mr. Weah, is a soccer dolt, this is what I mean.

I love Mr. Weah, and I also love the president’s courage and fortitude he carried when he was playing football, more especially for carrying almost every award in Europe as the only African to have carried or won the Ballon d’Or. And I know it will even take a decade for that record to be broken in history by any African footballer.  Moreover, the president played for prestigious teams in Europe and scored multiple goals, and won more cups also,  for which the president dedicated his time to practice, and believed in his conviction that one day he was going to make history for which George Weah did, and we must appreciate the president for his hard-earned glory in football. I have no regret in thanking the president for the steps taken, I owe no one an apology for that. Never!

But let me be clear to George Weah. You are a complete soccer dolt and a mistake in football like the way you accidentally won the presidency in this country. Like the issue of Mr. Taylor being elected as the president of this country. I actually thought by Liberians electing you as a president, improvement was going to be made in football. But nothing has changed; football is still in feculence like your rotten regime run by you. You can’t even create means to help Liberians who are interested in football.

Do you think only in you God has placed talent? Or only you are talented when it comes to football?

Moreover, you must be the only Liberian to achieve in football. You are very wicked, Weah.  People like you need to go in the garbage bin of history, never to be recorded! I challenge you to show a single person sent by you to play for a team in Europe, or to go to an academy in Europe. Not a single person. The only person sent by you to play in Europe is your sons – both Timothy and Champ Weah. Stop killing the Liberian dream, stop being a hindrance to their success, and stop killing their talents. With all the promises you make to them on the issues of improving football, not a single help is being done by you. Not a single stadium has been built by you George Weah, excluding the mini playground you built you called a park for which I do believe you don’t even understand the definition of the park, or what a park looks like. I challenge you to show it now, Mr.  Weah. Liberians have gained a high form of consciousness, they can’t be fooled again, Weah. 2023 will make your history. Decisively we will be around to save our state from your entire regime because your entire leadership is very incompetent like you Weah. Your entire leadership, Mr. Weah, is the collection of misplaced and human garbage, who came to power with the aim of pillaging state resources.


About the writer: 

I’m student Daniel D. Richards, Jr, a student activist at the University of Liberia studying Economics with an emphasis and concentration in Political Science. I’m also a militant of the Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP). You can reach me via email at danieldrichardsjr44@gmail.com


Main Photo: President George Weah, Liberian Observer

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