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LPP Capitol Hill Protest Dec. 14th, Party Says Lewis Brown has No Credibility

By Joseph Tumbey

Monrovia, the Liberian People’s Party, [LPP] has announced  December  14th, 2022, as the Party’s activism day under the theme: “Mass People’s Action to Rescue the State” requesting the Weah-led administration to end hardship. The Chairperson of the Party  Mr. J. Yanqui Zayzay has also questioned the ability of the opposition CPP  and Alexander B. Cummings through, Mr. Lewis Brown to organize a protest or question anyone for Corruption or human rights violations in the country.

Speaking with the media at their headquarters in Monrovia on Wednesday, December 7,  2022,l. The Chairperson of the LPP J. Yanqui Zayzay accused  Mr. Lewis Brown of committing human rights violations during the brutal civil war and warns the Alternative  National  Congress standard bearer, Mr. Alexander  B. Cummings to avoid working with indecent characters if he’s hoping for positive change.

According to him, they are more competent people around  Cummings to use instead of Lewis Brown who is a human rights violator that used guns to kill innocent people while he was working alongside the former  Rebel leader who later became  President now a war prisoner, Charles  G. Taylor.

“Cummings can’t talk about doing things the right way but brings people like Lewis Brown around him for Campaigning, Lewis  Brown can’t make any significant change or impact in the society”, the LPP  Chairperson  Mr. J. Yanqui Zayzay asserted.

Providing details of the protest,  the Party Chairman said their action is to alert the general public that a constitutional crisis is looming unless the appropriate measures are put into place to curb the situation and aim to draw the world’s attention to the increasingly unbearable, harsh, deteriorating living condition of the downtrodden indisputably as a result of the bad governance of the administration of President George Manneh Weah.

He said, their rally stems from the corrupt actions of the current group of “kleptomaniacs” and “nincompoops” that has degenerated the Nation to the lowest ebb ever in peacetime.

“Key issues to be highlighted in our petition to the Legislature include:

• Delay and irregularity of civil servants’ pay;

• Sanitization of leadership at the National Elections Commission;

• National Housing and Population Census;

• Calendar of Events for the October 2023 Presidential & Legislative Elections

• Voter Registration Process: OMR or BVR?

• President Weah’s 48-Day Presidential Travel”, LPP Chairperson stated.

He is however calling on all political parties, civil society organizations, student groups, and youth groups to turn out in their numbers and join in a singular accord to speak out loudly and clearly to the leaders in the exercise of their rights and responsibilities as enshrined in Article 15 of the Constitution of Liberia.

Main Photo: LPP Chair Zaza, above, and Lewis Brown, below

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