About a day ago, the 15th President of the University of Liberia was inaugurated in a historic ceremony held at the Fendall Campus. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson seems ready to efficaciously pilot this flight. As I sat keenly listening to Dr. Nelson outlining a number of reforms his administration is prepared to undertake, his power-packed inaugural address reawakened lost hope. His speech arouse resounding claps and cheers at different intervals. The tasks ahead are herculean but Dr. Nelson has promised to confront them through real vision and concrete action. Is UL en route to Renaissance?Op-ed 

SIM Cautions UL Administration Regarding PROSA’s “Protest“ on August 24, 2022, after SUP announced its protest

For Immediate Release                    


Dear President Nelson:

A warm greeting comes to your office from the Pan Africanist Revolutionary Student Integration Movement (SIM) of the University of Liberia. This letter comes to remind you that since the 14YEARS CIVIL WARS in Liberia ended, Liberians have undergone challenges while building their lives and do not want to go back to war! Most Liberians currently frown on all forms of violence in Liberia, and they fear the occurrence of more violent acts, especially what happened on Liberia’s 175th Independence Day Celebration!

it is, for that reason this message is written to the University of Liberia Administration to immediately note the planned separate “Protests” involving TWO of its FOUR CAMPUS–BASED political institutions in PROSA and SUP on August 24, 2022. Let it be noted, however, that SUP was the first to announce its protest date, and soon after, PROSA, said it would protest on the same date, SIM believes this is counterproductive!

The sole purpose of the University of Liberia’s existence is to always provide a safe, sound, and conducive learning environment so young men and women can learn to make positive contributions to the growth and development of Liberia and Liberians; henceforth, the Student Integration Movement (SIM) being one of the FOUR CAMPUS-BASED political institutions on the University of Liberia Campuses frowned on this latest development, given what happened on the 26 of July in the city of Monrovia!

In the meantime, SIM is calling upon all of its members and all conscious-minded students at the University of Liberia; likewise, all well-meaning Liberian citizens to take note of these developments while cautioning law enforcement officers to be on the lookout to safeguard the peace, SIM understands, the Justice Ministry has granted SUP right to protest— in a letter dated August 22, the Ministry of Justice authorized SUP’s constitutional right to assemble and petition its government and air its grievances.

Student Integration Movement, SIM


SIM calls on the University of Liberia Administration and the government to not jeopardize the fragile peace Liberians are now enjoying amidst Liberia’s current state of lawlessness! This clarion call is also intended for all those people who are concerned about Liberia and Liberians’ well-being to act now to prevent violence from occurring, all must be done to protect the peace in the fatherland


Sincerely Yours:


Signed: ___________________             Approved: ________________________

Cadre: L.R.D. Augustine Weah                                  Cadre: Prince M. Sonii Sr.                                                                                                        Secretary General (SIM~UL).                                     Chairman (SIM~UL).

                                    Motto: “Progress Through Integration”.

Contact: Cell#:0777586864/0880586864 


Main Photo: DR Julius Sarwolo, President University of Liberia

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