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LPP Presidential Aspirant, Gongloe Applauds Sanctions Imposed On Officials By The US Government

We applaud the action of the United States Government for placing sanctions on the officials of the Liberian Government named in its press release issued today, and we believe it is a step in the right direction. We have repeatedly called on the International Community to bring sanctions against officials of the government in the three branches of the Weah-led government who are deemed to be corrupt because the current government of President George M. Weah lacks the political will to fight corruption. We also called on the US Government to impose sanctions on vote buyers, specifically at the time, referring to Minister McGill.

While the people of Liberia are getting increasingly poorer every day, President Weah and his select group of officials continue to conspicuously display their unexplained wealth by building mansions and throwing money around at impoverished Liberians as if they have private money-producing machines at their homes. Public office is for public service and not for public stealing. The sanction imposed by the US Government against Minister McGill, the de facto President of Liberia, and the other named officials will have a chilling effect on other criminal-minded government officials. While we thank the United States Department of Treasury for this latest move, we call on them to also sanction other corrupt government officials.

We believe a better Liberia is possible with the support of the international community in our collective battle against corruption. Liberia remains one of the countries with the highest maternal mortality and infant mortality rates because of a broken-down health system, coupled with a very poor educational structure, and serious food insecurity, all due to the very high level of corruption in the Weah-led government. We are very hopeful that the recent action of the US government will help to end impunity in Liberia.

Against this grave action taken against the Liberian Government, we call on President George Manner Weah to immediately dismiss the three sanctioned officials of his government. His failure to do so will be construed by all well-meaning Liberians as approval of public stealing and general reckless disregard for integrity in the conduct of public affairs. In that case, we will appeal to the Government of the United States to withdraw its invitation to him to attend the December Washington summit on Democracy and to isolate him and members of his government for the rest of his term. A word to the wise is sufficient. Let President Weah listen and act now while he still has time.


Main Photo: Tiawan Saye Gongloe

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