By Socrates Smythe Saywon – People are craving to be lawmakers in their various countries to enact laws that will move their nations forward; but in Liberia, a friend of President George Weah who is already a lawmaker has begged the former soccer star to appoint as police director only to eliminate the president’s enemies.

The lawmaker, Representing Montserrado County District Number 7, Solomon George recently begged the Liberian President during Mr. Weah’s visit to his constituent to make him police director (Inspector General) of the Liberia National Police just for six months or at least one year.

The lawmaker shocked the crowd when he said: “Some of us need to disappear for good things to happen. You can’t see somebody doing good things and then want to change the good things to bad things.”

Rep. George astonishingly told West Pointers who had gathered in their town hall to welcome President Weah on the last leg of his nationwide tour that he wants to be named Police Chief only to make people get lost so as to make good things happen in the country.

The lawmaker is Weah’s long-time friend. It is alleged that he was instrumental for the former Liberian international football icon to join a local soccer club, Invincible Eleven (IE) in the 1980s as a player from a second division team-Bong Range.

“Mr. President you know me, maybe you want to win Nobel Peace Prize, but as for me, I don’t want to win the noble peace prize. I want to be Police Director for just six months or one year, some people will disappear. Enemies need to disappear for good things to happen. You can’t see somebody doing good things and want to change the good things to bad things. Go around the country and see the good works the President is doing but some Liberians are denying those good works,” Rep. George shockingly said.

The Liberian lawmaker known for his unruly behavior, consciously repeated begged the President to appoint a chief of Police only to eliminate Weah’s perceived enemies.

Representative Solomon George is a member of Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) party.

The Liberian President did not publicly comment on the lawmaker threat and appeal for the police job but was seen shaking his head in disapproval.

Representative George called on President Weah to ban student politics on the campus of the state-owned University of Liberia.

His reason is that opposition politicians are allegedly using the students to stage protests against the Weah Government.

Main photo: Montserrado County District Number 7, Rep. Solomon George

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