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SUP Calls On Pres. Weah To Act On LACC REPORT At Census Bureau


For Immediate Release


Comrades and friends, brothers and sisters in the struggle for final liberation, striving militants and ideologues whose struggle is to overturn systemic backwardness, revered cadres.

Since the inception of the Vanguard Student Unification Party, from the heydays of the oligarchy up to the brutal days of tyranny and gangsterism, and to the amp of plunder and corruption till this current rottenness and decadence of the state, the Vanguard Party has and will always be a towering voice against societal demeanors such as corruption, bad governance, looting and systemic stealing of public resources and international partners’ fundings without fear. 

Given this historical mandate, SUP welcomes the recent Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Report which exposes not just individuals in the menacing act of corruption but also the rottenness of the CDC regime and the systemic decadence in public service under President George M. Weah. The recent LACC REPORT is yet again another testament to how common criminals and fortune hustlers have taken over the Liberian State.

Painstakingly, SUP is complaining about the continuous wave of reports bordering on unrepentant acts of corruption that have engulfed several public entities, especially the Liberian Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) at the detriment of good governance and public trust as exposed by the LACC’s REPORT. The recent LACC REPORT clearly opened our eyes to the high level of corruption scandal at LISGIS which all but hooked LISGIS’ Boss Francis Wreh and two of his top deputies for organized corruption for which SUP is calling for their immediate suspension or dismissal by Pres. Weah and subsequent forwarding to court for prosecution in line with the findings and recommendations of the REPORT. 

Amongst other national pressing responsibilities, LISGIS has a vital and indispensable role in conducting the National Population and Housing Census in Liberia. However, since 2018, the Government of George Weah through LISGIS has failed to conduct the second post-war census in contrast to the constitution of the Republic of Liberia which mandates the government of Liberia to conduct a census every ten (10) years, a simple task this government is demonstrating its incapability of performing; what a shame!! Such constitutional violations are among the many acts that have exposed the ineptitude which characterizes the poor leadership at LISGIS under President Weah. This unconstitutional delay has been worsened by massive corruption and ‘don’t care’ thievery that has befallen LISGIS by those responsible to provide leadership at the institution. SUP uses this medium to demand the immediate suspension or dismissal, and subsequent prosecution of Mr. Wreh, Director General of LISGIS, Lawrence A. George, Sr., Deputy Director General for Administration, and Wilmot F. Smith, Jr. Deputy Director General for Information and Coordination. SUP believes that the information circulating in the public about the misuse and financial abuse of over US$ 700,000 by these individuals at LISGIS as released by the LACC Report already undermines public trust in these individuals and will further erode the integrity of the census. 

As if the current report of open corruption at LISGIS is not sufficient, it is so disappointing that after the investigation by the LACC, these individuals have since quadrupled their acts in the astronomical proportion of plundering the remaining census fundings, evident by new bank statement, in our possession, from Ecobank Liberia Limited as of Tuesday, July 5, 2022, and through one Lawrence Siah Bartee, the newly hired ‘stealing pipeline’ in the Season Two of the LISGIS corruption saga as they have deleted one Abagail T. Monboe who was Francis F. Wreh’s ‘stealing pipeline’ in Season One. SUP believes the bravery and willful act of Director General Francis Wreh and his colleagues in this crime are anchored on the assurance of protection by Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. who is LISGIS Board Chair. The Party believes also that since this footballing President George Weah has taken no action to suspend or dismiss these individuals’ pending prosecution, plus their assured protection by Samuel Tweh, they can proceed to deplete the remaining census resources without fear.

In the face of this national embarrassment, SUP will take unspecified revolutionary actions if these criminals are not suspended pending prosecution as recommended in the LACC Report or dismissed with immediate effect. SUP, therefore, calls on President Weah and criminals’ protector Samuel Tweah to act accordingly by dismissing these criminals at LISGIS or be acted upon in a way never experienced before. SUP will not rest; we will go to any length to ensure a forceful action is implemented to restore the lost value of LISGIS and the Republic at large. 

In the same vein, SUP informs Pres. George Weah and his corruption-prone government that the Liberian people will not accept anything less than the comprehensive conduct of the National Population and Housing Census in 2022. SUP strongly believes that if this is not done to ascertain the proximal numbers of inhabitants in the country, George Weah and his cronies will use the absence of the conduct of the National Census as a clever attempt to steal/rig the upcoming 2023 General and Presidential Elections.

Even in their desperation for a bit of good news as they have drowned in a cesspool of bad narratives created by themselves, must they manufacture such a BLACK LIE about Weah's and his disreputable presidency? A president that is doing well by his people doesn't need public relations, his people will invariably be his PROs. They will echo his good news wide and loud. Can you guys stop this Hilarious Nonsense for a moment!
Chatham House /Weah

We categorically state that any attempt by George Weah and his administration to further delay or suspend the conduct of the planned Housing Census this year (2022) will be vehemently resisted by the militants and cadres of the Vanguard Student Unification Party and with the collective resolve of the Liberian People. As the country heads toward a very crucial General and Presidential elections in 2023, the conduct and subsequent statistics from the National Housing and Population Census will play a key role in ensuring electoral transparency and fairness. Additionally, the statistics from the Census will provide information to ensure the redistricting of various districts in the political subdivisions of the country, project statistics on the voting population, and as well as aid with a comparative analysis between the voter’s roll and the voting population as well as minimize any room for political gerrymandering. We, therefore, demand the conduct of a census in 2022 and nothing more or less.

Consequently, and with immediate effect, SUP expels Wilmot F. Smith, Jr. from the Veteran Community of SUP for acts anti-ethical and demeaning to the doctrines, norms, and traditions of SUP and hereby calls for the immediate dismissal of him and his cronies as he is again embroiled in another corruption saga, we are fully aware of involving him at the National Bureau of Concession (NBC) after the passing of Vet. Tarnue Marwolo as well as other malfeasances. Therefore, SUP calls on all veterans, stalwarts, militants, sympathizers, and well-wishers to refrain from associating with this expelled individual until further notice.

In conclusion, as corruption and public looting take center stage in Liberia under the CDC regime, the Vanguard Party calls on the Liberian masses to remain resolute, resolve and determine as we exert every effort possible to retire the CDC leadership from our country. 

We can assure our people that the dawn of economic and national revitalization will emerge soon. Weah and cronies will fast become a matter of the past. 


Long Live Massecracy- Long Live SUP!


Gwei Fei Kpeh- The struggle continues!





Signed: _______________________

         Cde. Jusu Kamara

         Secretary-General/ SUP


Approved: _____________________

            Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh


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