abraham dillion Op-ed 

Can Abraham Darius Dillion ever redeem his image, outcries as he pockets another 30,000 public funds

By Robert Moncio Kpadeh Amid the painstaking tragedy of lack of drugs at public health facilities and inadequate instructional materials at public schools, another US$30K has been fed to the economic vampires, unpatriotic, and gutless elements occupying the legislature, Senator Abraham Darius Dillion is yet again involved in this public thievery. Credible reports indicate that It was because of this amount the House of Representatives passed the recast budget with zero scrutinies and with the greatest speed in the legislative history. Legislative reporters who covered the passage say the infamous…

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sup, student unification party Op-ed 

SUP Calls On Pres. Weah To Act On LACC REPORT At Census Bureau

  For Immediate Release   Comrades and friends, brothers and sisters in the struggle for final liberation, striving militants and ideologues whose struggle is to overturn systemic backwardness, revered cadres. Since the inception of the Vanguard Student Unification Party, from the heydays of the oligarchy up to the brutal days of tyranny and gangsterism, and to the amp of plunder and corruption till this current rottenness and decadence of the state, the Vanguard Party has and will always be a towering voice against societal demeanors such as corruption, bad governance,…

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