With Ekena Wesley – Quite frequently we hear Liberians say loudly although ignorantly that we are a Christian State. But like the Brits would say; they are not to blame. The 1986 Constitution or better still – the country’s living governing bible is clear. The State is not non-religious and nowhere near that constitution does it mention – the country is founded on Christian principles! Perhaps the work of religious zealots – simply because the Declaration of Independence was signed in an edifice as it were. God is not the author of confusion and so we are all equal.

Granted and having been consumed by some kind of religious fanaticism; a segment of the population has been heralding such preposterous argument in violation of the rights and civil liberties of others. Mind you, anchoring their premise on morality; what then is the symbolism of their scruples amid the incessant spate of gruesome cum grisly murders of our fellow human beings?

State of the Nation’s comrade – Christopher Kolubah-Siafa Sellee was emotional on Monday’s edition of his show and wondered “After 14 years of mindless madness, why would Liberians continue to brutally slaughter their compatriots so unbelievably.” Chris, it is simply the trappings of our inability to learn from the mistakes of our sad past. Despicable, isn’t it?

Maude Elliot of the Human Resource Department of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) must have been bracing herself for a homegrown local Liberian cuisine at her Brewerville residence over the weekend when an unsuspecting tragedy befell her. Maude, sitting on the balcony at the rear of her Brewerville home met her untimely demise according to eyewitnesses when her throat was slit by an unknown killer who escaped unnoticed.  With police investigations totally of no use, we are not sure whether the killer(s) of Maude Elliott would ever be known or brought to justice.

When Liberians felt a sense of insecurity following 14 years of barbarism and nightmare; they resorted to the formation of Neighborhood Watch Teams, which to a greater extent helped minimize rising violent crimes. The Neighborhood Watch Teams have only been requesting little help from the central government given the impact they have been making in various neighborhoods. When help seemed elusive, morale and self-motivation effectively dwindled.

Amid the hues and cries of Liberians from all walks of life about widespread ritualistic killings across the country in recent times; Liberia’s Inspector General of Police, Patrick Sudue sounded the most partisan ever. Even CDC chair, Mulbah Morlu blamed the police for the delayed investigations as being responsible for suspicions amongst the public.

How does a reasonable Inspector General of Police in the small West African nation feel to wake up every morning – only to realize mutilated bodies of citizens all over the place? It simply suggests he doesn’t worth a damn.

We want to categorically condemn the gruesome and coldblooded murder of Ms. Maude Elliott of Brewerville, Montserrado County. She did not deserve to be killed in such a cowardly and barbaric manner. Will she ever get justice? Your guess would be as good as ours.

How many Liberians should die in order for our government to become concerned about the safety and security of its people? Well, if officials are dying under mysterious and unexplained circumstances – only God knows the fate of ordinary Liberians. Any government that cannot guarantee the security and protection of its citizenry – does not deserve to be called one. Again, we weep for our beloved country…

Main photo: The late Maude Elliott

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