With Ekena Wesley – Cancer, as a chronic life-threatening ailment, can manageably be cured through medical science. Stupidity has never attracted the magic of medical science as an incurable condition. Like with the game of soccer, we have come across football fanatics or others would reckon it as some kind of religion as it were. So too is politics! Some see politics in its sphere of inexactitude and allow reasoning to shape their thought process while for others it is the opium of the masses or worse still a culture of fanaticism.

For avid followers of the politics of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), the name – Alhaji Charles MacArthur D. Gull gained notoriety when a purported scandal seemed to have swallowed him as the whale did to Jonah. Charles D. Gull made newspapers’ headlines and inundated local broadcast networks’ news bulletins for all the scandalous reasons. It was absolutely nothing to write home about as it were!

Charles MacArthur D. Gull describes himself as a 200% CDCian! Surely, one can clearly figure out the extent of Charles Gull’s entrenched party obsession. Charles D. Gull inherently reflects a two-faced character. He is an aggressively assertive individual; and connotes a quasi-savvy political thinker with no scruples to say the least.

Amid Charles D. Gull’s surreptitious escape from Liberia under the cover of darkness after receiving tipoff that his life was endangered, coupled with a sigh of relief across the Atlantic, it seems has enabled him to reprocess in order to make a determination to tell his side of the story.

Charles Gull again returned to Liberia following an initial disappointing 2018 maneuver to secure a Buchanan Port Manger’s job. He blamed earlier disappointment on former NPA’s boss, Cecelia Cuffy-Brown who squarely told Gull she already had a preferred candidate for the job.

Diehard CDCian, Gull, graciously acknowledged assurances received from current Port Manager, Bill Tweahway prior to his appointment that indeed he would be named Buchanan Port Manager; a word Tweahway kept. While Charles Gull would neither cast aspersion regarding corruption at the National Port Authority (NPA), nor did he name anyone specifically linked to massive looting. Ironically, he averred that if any forensic audit were conducted any time soon; some people would definitely go to jail.

Gull, admittedly confirmed some unscrupulous action on his part in cohort with personnel of ArcelorMittal that led to fictitious paperwork for the disbursement of $3000,000.00 United States Dollars; an action he deeply regrets. He had offered to make a payment plan to restitute the amount of $30,000.00 United States Dollars he received as kickback from the scheme he dubiously facilitated in the name of the Port Authority.

Evidently, Charles MacArthur D. Gull has a sense of courageous banditry. In spite of the looming $300,000.00 scandal, he seemingly has the audacity to tell his story thousands of miles away unperturbed. He has flatly dismissed the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) as one that lacks the credibility to be impartial. He believes the LACC does not have the balls to be independent owing to its inability to squarely prosecute its own, an apparent reference to LACC’s Deputy boss, Cllr. Kanio Bai Gbala over conflict of interest.

In a country where impunity is rife and corruption is celebrated by even the suffering masses; although for many, Charles MacArthur D. Gull’s story might seem too good to be true, the court of public opinion has already rendered a guilty verdict as a result of his protracted silence on the part of the CDC strongman currently on the run in the United States. How and when Gull gets the guarantee for his personal safety he is anticipating to return home in order to face justice to date remains a magic formula that is farfetched. Political pundits are of the view that Gull’s recent interview granted a local network did more damage than good for key actors named in the triangular scandal.

Main photo: Former Buchanan Port Manager, Charles M. Gull

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